Apple Adds Ford, GM, Mazda To Car iPod Lineup

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    Apple today added Ford, GM, and Mazda to its list of auto manufacturers offering iPod integration into some or all of its models.

    Quotes from the press-release:
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    Wait so does this mean all the Ford partners have it too?
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    come on, nissan!
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    Still no Mitsubishi. :(
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    Come on Skoda!
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    Are these headunits with just AUX-in sockets or proper integration/steering wheel controls?

    I wanna see the iPod interface appear in the display of my head unit/Sat Nav screen - can't be that hard surely? I wanna see my downloaded movies from iTunes appear on my screen so i can watch them in my car (while parked of course!)
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    Now I can get an F150 to go with my iPod.
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    Actually Mitsubishi has dedicated entire car to iPod (of course only available in Japan and limited to iPod nano interface but it's still pretty cool looking).

    Actually I don't know what is up with Mitsubishi Motors North America management because Mitsubishi actually has a lot of great cars worldwide except the North American market and Mitsubishi name is much more recognized worldwide because of the Dakar Rally and Pajer and Rally races and Evolution.
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    Presumably, including..... fiats?
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    So far I've been less than impressed with the "integrated" solutions that have been introduced. Trying to control the iPod from the radio or steering wheel is rather clumsy and cumbersome and doesn't come close to navigating on the iPod itself. To me, nothing has come close to beating the tape adapter that I use in both of my cars for ease and simplicity. To each their own.

    Here's to hoping, though, that these folks get it right.
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    I've never used an integrated ipod system in a car before, and some cars just have something like an aux-in wire that you plug into the headphone jack, so basically it's a built in tape adapter. However, I've never had much luck with tape adapters - went through 2, great sound, much better than radio transmitters, but somehow the car tape-deck eats the tape and, well, that's money well spent, right? I'm using a charger/radio transmitter, and it works pretty well, and at least it won't get eaten by my car :(
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    My one-word reply:


    That's a staggering level of support from an industry that has to be the most sluggish when it comes to technological advancement.
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    That's too bad actually as I've purchased 2 Sony adapters and have never had a single issue with them. One I purchased 2 years ago and the other was in 1989 for use with my old Panasonic portable CD player. It still works great today! Of course, back then it was probably $40 or something but you can easily pick them up today for around $10. Significantly cheaper than a transmitter (or a car!) :)
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    Meh, I don't like how that looks... :(

    Seriously, what is Mitsubishi waiting for???
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    One Question

    You think that models that have the same electonics in them can be retro-fit with the new iPod integration?

    Point being I've got a 2006 G6 w/ monsoon stereo - I'm hoping if they introduce it for the 2007 model it could fit mine.

    Anybody see anything in the releases about this? (I didn't)
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    My guess is going to be that it varies based on manufacturer. For instance, Mazda recently added an aux-in and additional charger outlet in the Mazda3 line. This would provide ease of connectivity and power for the iPod but still not full iPod integration. Since those cars are already shipping and Mazda does not seem to be offering any iPod integration kit of any sorts, I'm thinking they're counting that as iPod integration.

    Of interest, however, is that the press release specifically mentions providing access to controls, charging, and placing it in the glove compartment. In Mazda's 3 solution, glovebox placement is infeasible.

    I guess we'll just have to keep watching the manufacturers for newly available options.......
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    how much of the average music listening is done in the car? 50%?

    anyway. if you can integrate your ipod in your car but not microsofts zune you will buy an ipod. because you get 50% more use out of it. this is really bad news for microsoft unless they can get similar deals for their player.
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    I hope by "GM" it'll include Saabs too. I have been waiting so long to hook up my ipod in my saab. SOOOOO LOOOOONG!!!

    Way to go, car manufacturers, but I don't think this will boost your sales much :)
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    it's only a matter of time before all cars are fitted with the proper equipment and we can see our iPod's interface on the navigation system. innovation takes time.
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    And as I write this, Apple stock is up about 1%!
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    vauxhall have started putting ipod docks in their cars (uk version of GM, basically the same as opel.)
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    I'm amazed that the car manufacturers are buying into a proprietary interface and protocol. They usually create their own standards and tell the suppliers how it _will_ be.
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    Well GM had put an AUX jack into there radios so you could plug in any MP3 player you like, but it doesn't charge the MP3 player and doesn't give you the integration the iPod connectivity thing has. I would think GM would still put the AUX jack into there radios so people can still enjoy there player even if it isn't an iPod. Guess it is better late then never though for the Big 2.

    PS: It didn't take long for the Big 2 bashing to come in. :rolleyes: A new record I believe. The first post bashed the Big 2.
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    sounds like nothing but good news to me ;) :cool:

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