Apple Adds Ringtone Support to iTunes

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by shear dude, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Go to this site and look for the ringtone tab (won't let me copy and paste) but it says "Custom Ringtones. Now available from iTunes." Has it always said this?
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    Yeah, I think so!

    I just logged into iTunes, looked up Aretha Franklin's "Respect" (since SJ used it as an example), and the bell showed up! It must be working!
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    Good find! Too bad I just sent my mac in for repair...

  4. Okiewan, Sep 10, 2007
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    yeay another feature i'll never use! :eek:

    i want gps dagnabit!
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  7. Okiewan, Sep 10, 2007
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    not just ringtones, does anybody else notice the spotlight-esque search results?
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    I'm not getting the icon? I have the latest rev. of iTunes.

    Edit: Ah, you have to right click and enable ringtones. Neat
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    Yep like this:) Whoo hoo... love it

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    nah hoping someone makes an aftermarket add on, or iphone v2 gets it and i can upgrade
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    Same here :(
    Is MMS too much to ask for?

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    When your looking at a search result hit "Command J" and select ringtone:)
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    Ringtone service is dumb

    Can someone tell me who is going to waste their time in browser mode in iTunes to find songs that can be made into ringtones? Unless I am having a *really* blonde moment, I cannot find a way to just look up a song or artist without going through all the hoops that iTunes in browser mode requires. It takes forever just to find a compatible song! Also, why isn't there an easy way to check if songs I already purchased are ringtone ready?

    I think I am just going to stick with iToner and Garage Band. Any idea why they made this so difficult? Do they know no one is likely to really do this and do they know that we will all probably stick with our hacks that are already working just fine (and free)? Why bother with this? They must know this is really user unfriendly.

    Maybe I'm being quick to judge. Maybe it's just a fluke that the bells are showing up for me (haven't tried to make a ringtone; don't really know that I want to spend the money). I suppose since they didn't make an official announcement that it's up, and since I only found it by accident, it might not be 100% ready; but I did what SJ did in the demo to find songs, so I'm thinking that is how they intend this to work. I just think it could be better.
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    I don't think this is fully implemented yet; I purchased a song with a "bell" but there was no option to purchase the ringtone portion and the "bell" does not show up in my "purchased" list; just in the store. Nevertheless, the "coming soon" banner is off of the website now........
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    No bells at all for me - are you sure that you are seeing them? Hearing any ringing in your ears?:)
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    You can't get/make ringtones from iTunes currently.The OP is referring to the bell icon in the columns denoting if a song is capable of being a ringtone.The bell has a column but Aretha's "r-e-s-p-e-c-t" doesn't have a checked box in that column.
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    Anyone know how to add the ringtone column to your current library or Purchased playlist so I can see if any of the music I already paid for by some miracle is on Apple's ringtone-capable list?
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    Hey - now I have bells. I didn't a few minutes ago...
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    I don't think it's working right...aren't we supposed to be able to use our current library for ringtones where there are purchased tracks that are allowed???
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    Right-click on any column while you have the purchased list up. You can then enable the Ringtone column. I did that, but none of my purchased songs show up as having "ringtone" capability.

    When I did that to enable the column while my shopping cart was up, I got a dialog saying it would look through my songs and show which ones were available as ringtones (and show the bell icon). I didn't get this when enabling the column for my purchased songs.
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    I have no bells
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    I don't get any stupid bells, no bother as it is a really stupid feature, at least for that price.
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    My bad! I guess I *was* having a *really* blonde moment!

    OK, it now seems that you *can* get the bells to show up in "regular" iTunes Store mode, but you need to do a view>options> then check the ringtone box for each search? It goes away if you search for something else and you have to put it back each time. Odd! I don't think they're done with this, yet. Also, on another discussion board someone said they tried to buy a song with a bell, and they were not given any ringtone-making options. It's definitely not ready. I judged too quickly. They apparently *are* trying to make it more user friendly, and I just need to learn to be more patient. :eek: Please don't flame me! I'm going to venture a guess that maybe with tomorrow being "new release Tuesday," maybe they'll officially launch it then?
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    Doesn't work for me at all in my Purchased playlist...when I click on a column to bring up ones I can add, Ringtone is missing. I can add it to iTunes search results but that's it.

    Oh well... then again I'm running iTunes 7.4.0 not the latest 7.4.1. Maybe they're doing this to make me update?

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