Apple airs new celebrity "Switch" ads

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by medea, Oct 2, 2002.

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    A hearty Nelson "Ha-ha" to anyone who doubted the authenticity of these ads. :p
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    anybody else think the tony hawk video is slightly different from the on on birdhouse i don't have the original file so i' not sure.
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    Tony Hawk original file

    Here's a link to the original reputed Tony Hawk commercial that was on that skaterboarder website.

    Let's collectively thumb our noses to the naysayers. Idiots.

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    um, good call here guys...we were discussing the tony hawk add appearing on VH1 early today early this afternoon:rolleyes:

    j/k, but i like the third (kelley slater) add...odd how that was the only one of the 3 we didnt see early...
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    Most likely 'cause the guy is less animated than a sack of potatoes... :D :p ;)

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