Apple And Google Bidding for Wireless Patent House InterDigital?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Apple and Google are weighing bids for InterDigital, a mobile-technology R&D firm that holds an extensive patent portfolio related to digital wireless radiotelephony technology, including 3G and 4G, according to Bloomberg.

    InterDigital's wireless patents, according to its CEO, are "deeper and stronger" than Nortel's. A consortium led by Apple purchased Nortel's thousands of patents for $4.5 billion last month beating out a bid by Google.
    InterDigital's stock price rose steeply over the past two days after news of Apple and Google's interest began to leak out. InterDigital currently has a market cap of $3.1 billion. The company announced in a press release that it had "initiated a process to explore and evaluate potential strategic alternatives for the company, which may include a sale or other transaction."

    InterDigital claims licensing agreements with dozens of companies including Apple, HTC, Nokia, and RIM.

    Article Link: Apple And Google Bidding for Wireless Patent House InterDigital?
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    So, 2 companies with record quarters are bidding for a bunch of patents. I wonder how this will end up. :D
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    This patent crap gives me a headache... Honestly, patents don't really help. If the guy who created the wheel still had his patent now, where would we be?

    I mean, at the time, the wheel was innovative and new. If they had patents back then, I'm sure he could have gotten one.
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    That guy who created the wheel, wouldn't be motivated to do it, if he didn't get to keep the rights of the wheel... What's the point of creating a wheel if everyone else is going to steal your idea! lol

    For example, Why would google spend money in research and development, when they can just copy all the innovations that apple has created.
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    Wheels are crap without roads
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    Well at this point everyone HAS stolen that guy's idea... It just seems like putting off the inevitable. Patents do run out at some point.
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    There are no wheels in the iPhone. Worthless invention.
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    For example, Why would Apple spend money in research and development, when they can just copy all the innovations that S3 (owned by HTC) has created. :p
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    There’s some chance that Android is based on the iPhone more than the iPhone is based on HTC... Search for Android before iPhone :p
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    Lol. What a joke.
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    I'm waiting for iPatents 3.0.
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    Seriously, both of these companies need these patents for defensive purposes, but at the same time the winner is going to also use them offensively. The stakes keep going up.
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    King Flamez1

    apple can buy anything it wants... :rolleyes:
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    Afghanistan and Packistan? It would solve a problem. They could rule they do not need to tax themselves and give the entire population free wireless internet access and iTunes gift cards. That ought to end the hostilities real fast. :)
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    The most impressive thing is that Apple could bid this to several billion dollars and make it all back in clear profit in one financial quarter.
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    I wonder how India would feel about that. They might like it.
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    Google vs. Apple
    Round....idk what number it is now
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    I really hope Google gets these patents. it would really suck if Android went away. In my opinion it is currently the best mobile OS.

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