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Apple and Pixar hit 52-week highs in the stock market.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 7, 2003.

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    wow thats really good news go apple
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    Everything Steve touchs turns to gold...

    I can remember when Apple's share price was in the 60's, now it's Pixar's turn.

    Let's see if this changes the quality of Macs and movies then shall we ;)
  4. arn
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    Staff Member

    I recently saw Finding Nemo - it was excellent.

    Pixar really is in a great position here -- especiaily cause they are in a strong negotiating position when their deal with Disney is up.

    I forget how many movies they signed for.

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    Don't forget that the reason for Apples lower trading price is due to a stock split a few years ago. So in affect Apples stock is trading around $40 which is down but nearly all tech stock went down but Apple recently is climbing quite quickly. I think it's due to a strong future timeline with IBM coming on board.
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    Well, I think having Apple and Pixar joint at the hips is good...
    New technology for new movies I suppose, RenderMan running natively on Mac OS X and all.

    When or if you have time, check out the short films here (http://www.pixar.com/shorts/index.html) which has the famous luxo on quicktime...

    Toy Story
    Toy Story 2
    Bugs Life
    Monsters Inc.
    -Finding Nemo

    It's also good for Apple to advertise Disney/Pixar trailers on their QT Trailers website :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    If Pixar goes with a Renderman port that's usable to more than just programmers or tech heads, that will be great. Its not like all the other 3D packages......;)

    But this is good news indeed. I'm waiting for my apple stock to be in the black - another $1 and I'll be there.....

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    Same here...or damned close. I got into mine about 2 years ago, right after the PowerBook G4 I believe.

    Anyway, I'm hoping Pixar's heavy hitting ability helps bring them both out into the wide open. ;)
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    I wonder if Pixar and Apple share in profits...

    Renderman should be cool, to bad I haven't got a fast enough computer :p
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    With the G5 and iTMS, I think Apple's stock price will continue to go up. This is a great time for Apple.

    As for Pixar, I'd say that almost all of their movies will continue to be successful.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, its still above 20 again today, that's a very good sign. I really wish I had been watching more carefully when Pixar had gone public, I would have picked up some shares as soon as I could.

    Hindsight is bad enough, but *knowing* you would have done something only if you had realized it was happening but missing out is terrible.....

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    since I bought multiple shares at $13.50 each, all I have to say about this is...


    Apple may pay me to get a G5 now.
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    WOOHOO!!!! just a little more...come on...then it'll be worth it to buy another G5....
    i love apple...i love pixar...

    arn: i think part of their contract is already up but pixar has three more movies with disney to go finding nemo is the first, the incredibles will be the second and john lasseter's 4th movie The Cars will be the third.
    Disney's not gonna be happy when Pixar is done though. they're not doing so good with their own animated movies...
  14. Gus
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    Well, while I am as happy as the next guy about Steve's return to Apple, and Apple's return as a player, everything he touches, unfortunately, does NOT turn to gold. Remember NeXT, right before the buyout? I know, I know, you'll say, "yeah, but he sold it to Apple, and look where he is now! Gold!" true, but NeXT was tanking sonething fierce before the buyout. Heck, even the rats left the ship before Steve-o did.

    My 2¢

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    Say what you want but Steve Jobs is an amazing character. I mean his "Partime gig" is on pace to generate 300 Million on one movie alone. Apple is better off than they were before his return. NeXT was a great experience for Steve. He was able to mature and actually learn that you have to work HARD for success. It came a little too easy(He was a millionaire at 23..how many other youngersters handle such early success well?).

    Sorry but Apple would not be the same company today had Jobs not returned. The proof? If Steve wasn't the CEO...then who would? Remember we had to "suffer" through CEO's like Spindler and Sculley. Amelio wasn't bad ...just boring. Like him or not...Jobs is one hell of a marketer. And that's what Apple needs.
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    Steve was running Pixar at a loss. Honestly, Steve himself said that he wouldn't have bought Pixar if he knew how much money he'd lose. However, in the end, two of his companies made a comeback (thankfully).
    It's not his parttime gig. it's his pet project, the one he thought would go bankrupt. :p It's turns out it's also the one that saved his career :)
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    Running at a loss is par for the course for new companies. Amazon also took years before turning a profit. That's why Venture Capital is so important. Steve is Pixars CEO, not sure I would call that a "Pet Project". He's on the payroll like everyone else.

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