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Apple and the Blogging community

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 6, 2005.

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    It's interesting that the "flavorful" definitions / examples come up in the full dictionary app, but not when you cmd-ctrl-D. :eek:
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    Don't hate the players, c|net, hate the game...
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    Lame CNET report

    Really poor quality there. As if Apple wrote the dictionary? Bleh.
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    So who did write that definition? Surely not the Oxford group? That's really unprofessional.

    Besides, I fail to see how a blogger is any worse than one who writes definitions for a computer program.
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    They're just upset that paper dictionaries are going down because of the availability of free dictionaries on the web (and now as part of the OS itself).

    Either that or they hate technology in general. In which case I propose a new second definition for "Luddite":

    • a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology : the folks who write the Oxford American Dictionaries are a bunch of Luddites who pathetically try to insult bloggers in their so-called professional dictionary.
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    CNET was wrong on two things and they only corrected one. First, the Oxford folks wrote the definition. Second, that's NOT THE DEFINITION. That's an example of how the word could be used in a sentence.

    The definition is "A Weblog". Clicking on "Weblog" gets you "a Web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative"

    Talk about making a big deal of nothing but CNET's bad reporting.
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    Look at the note CNET put as an "update":

    "As some of you have keenly noted, Apple employees did not write the dictionary themselves. They're in the business of defining "cool," granted, but stop short of applying that lexicographical skill to other words."

    Apparently the author is trying to be clever and/or sound intelligent with his high-fallutin' words, but he's failing miserably.

    Where does it say who wrote the dictionary, anyway? I can understand the reporter making the initial error since under "About Dictionary" it says "Copyright © 2005 Apple Computer." He doesn't even say what his source is for the correction nor apologize for the error, as is common in journalism. I can see why people don't like CNET...
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    Good call. What a complete nothing article--and not actually tied to Apple in ANY way... despite the "Apple looks down on users"-style headline.
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    Because of this article, I now have that site bookmarked what looks to be 75 times.

    I was hunting around for the elusive cmd-ctrl-D dictionary shortcut, and apparently cmd-D is "Add bookmark".

    (PS: D? Why do Apple's shortcut keys always seem to be misplaced.)
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    I'm pretty sure this goes all the way back to Mosaic, and that Ctrl-D is "Make a Bookmark" in all the Windows browsers as well....
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    Good question. It may sound silly, but the way I finally ended up remembering it is because it's "D"umb for the bookmark shortcut to be cmd-"D." :)
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    Right, it stands for Add Document, but nobody gets that because we ended up calling everything a page.
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    I need help...

    Cant log into Spymac.com/forums for some reason and heres the problem..

    I re-booted into a different HD on my computer which runs 10.2.8. However, my "System Preferences" doesnt work so I cant get out of this. Whats the key you hold when restarting to get the screen that asks what OS you want to log into? I thought it was option.. but that didnt seem to work.. either that, or I was holding the wrong key (stupid MS keyboard doesnt have an "option" key).. can somebody help? Thanks,

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    Um, here, shift-opt-cmd-del. Isn't this kind of a strange place to ask? :D
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    wow, it must have been a reeeaalllly slow news day yesterday/friday for them to post junk like that.

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