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Apple animated beachball (gif?)

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Pressure, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Hey, I am currently working on a multimedia dictionary for a project.

    The lecturer I have doesn't exactly like Apple (always complaining about no right clicking), so I decided to make the database Apple style.

    For that I need the animated beachball used in the bootup sequence as well as the rainbow coloured loading beachball.

    You can see a quick mockup here (UPDATED).

    Any help is appreciated :)
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    well I didn't find anything after some extensive googling, so I suppose the closest thing I got was an unamnimated beachball from apple's homepage
    if you just switch the darker areas in each "quadrant" with the lighter side you'll have the 2nd image - which you can animate a lot easier

    anyhow, gl - it looks really nice this far
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    Did you actually mention you can right click in a variety of ways including... get this.... right clicking?
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    I don't remember where this came from.

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    Well, we don't get much to have a dialog at the university ;)

    I don't feel bad about yanking his arm about it though heh.

    Thanks a lot! This will come in handy

    I managed to do a bit of magic, check out the updated .swf :)
  6. weg
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    Great! So far I used a static beachball as avatar coz I wasn't able to find an animated version, but now.. *smiles*
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    There seems to be some problem with your image. I'm just getting the beachball of doom.
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    The OP asked for the rainbow beachball as well as the startup wheel. I had the rainbow one and posted it. Is that okay with you? If it's not okay, I'll come down there and steal all your cycles and you'll have to live with a real one. So there!
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    Is this a trick question?
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    Could be a trick question, or could be sleep deprivation. Wouldn't you like to know!
  11. weg
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    I think dogbone's posting was supposed to be funny ;-) I don't think he wanted to complain about the missing startup wheel (btw., there was another thread where somebody posted the startup wheel, but I can't find it anymore).
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    Think? Think! But this is the Spinning Pizza of Doom, an object of reverence! Such worldly pursuits as thought must be set aside while we bask in the glow of its hypnotic visage.
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    wow thats amazing, what are you studying at University, and what did you use to create that

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