Apple annouc-E-ment for new mac pro!?!?!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by LeKiD, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I was wondering how much time did Apple take to annouce the coming of the last Mac Pro release? If the expectations are for November, will we see Apple annouce it few weeks in advance?
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    They never announce updates to Macs ahead of time.
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    they dont usually announce anything until day of to keep people from not buying
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    No, they don't annouce unreleased products before there release (with some some small exceptions eg Apple TV). This is so people don't stop buying the current models and they don't have to drop the current prices.
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    Sun Baked

    The major problem with Apple was too many pre-announcements of products shipping in 2-4 weeks -- along with them killing the old machines off.

    So you had a long wait for new product order, and if you really needed a machine today -- you had to hunt down old stock.

    The current mode of shipping machines the day of the announcement is a wonderful change.
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    So when should we be expecting the annoucement? 12th of November?
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    Sun Baked

    Aren't you holding out for Skulltrail?

    Don't you want the Intel 5400 chipset workstation with an Nvidia SLI chip grafted on?
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    What's that? But I'd like to know!
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    Much Ado

    Again, i must ask the OP to put a question mark in the thread title.

    It does my nerves in! :)
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    What's going to be the big difference between the penryn coming out in November and the Skulltrail "Holidays 2007"?
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    There is a very, very remote chance Apple would use Skulltrail. Forget about it as far as waiting for Mac Pros is concerned.
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    What's amazing is, November starts NEXT WEEK! These months have been flying by, especially for me, since I've been waiting since June for this MacPro update. It seriously better come November 13th.
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    Another way to look at it is that the longer we wait the better the machine will be. :)
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    Yea but I NEED mine in November. Have a ton to edit BEFORE January! :cool:
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    I'm in the same boat as many here seem to be. I have a 867MHz DP MDD and am ready for a new Mac Pro, but cannot justify spending this much on a system that hasn't seen an update in so long. I need a better graphics card for one.

    The Intel systems are of definite interest to me as I have an XP box that is having some issues as well, so I hope to replace the two computers with one.
    The issues require that I update sooner rather than later, but again, an update MUST be coming sooner than later, and I can't justify buying a system that's going to be updated obviously (all signs point to) within the next three months. I'd order today if it were to appear on the Apple Store.
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    Yeah, and maybe fix the spelling error while they are at it. Wow, haven't they ever heard of spell check? Especially for the title of a new thread! Guess they are too lazy to bother. :confused:
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    If you need it now, buy it now.
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    Eric Piercey

    Normally true, ....but we're so close. soooo close.
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    You're kidding me right? So many rumors are pointing to November 13th. I will wait until then, if nothing, then I will buy. I'm not that stupid to buy now when something 2x faster is coming out.
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    Thats all they are, Rumors, Personally i think you will be so disappointed,
    you should have got a quad 2.66 ages ago, then when the MP is updated, sell it and get the new one, i might pick one up too, use alongside the quad 2.66 but monitors will be tough, might just toss a coin then see which system gets the 2 x 24" Dells and which gets the big Samsung :p
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    and i thought there was an announcement :mad:

    hopefully in the next few weeks
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    I told myself I wasn't gonna buy a new computer until Leopard comes out. I WOULD have boughten the MacPro in the Spring had Apple not delay Leopard. But now Leopard is too close to a MacPro update. So I'm gonna wait as long as I can.
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    I wouldn't expect something new on the Mac Pro front as long as that large count down for Leopard is filling up the main page. It's just logical.
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    Apple seems to be very quiet about their updates with the Mac Pro line, I am not sure why. It seems they are letting the MBP take the lime light. :(
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    If, big if, it would be November 14. November 12 is a holiday here in the States so this would push any announcement to Wednesday, November 14.

    Heck, with Apple's latest financial results their probably thinking "why update the Mac Pro right now, it's selling just fine" and Leopard will only help to fuel additional sales of the current model. Talk about some sweet margins.

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