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Apple Approves Spotify Music Subscription Application for iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Last month, we noted that popular Swedish music subscription service Spotify had submitted an iPhone application to Apple for inclusion in the company's App Store. At the time, there was some question as to whether Apple would approve a subscription-based music application that would appear to directly compete with Apple's own iTunes music offerings.

    UK news site paidContent:UK reports that Apple has just now approved Spotify, which should be appearing in the App Store shortly.
    Spotify is currently only available in select European countries, a number of which require invitations in order to access the company's ad-supported service. Spotify also offers an ad-free premium service, priced at £9.99 per month in the UK, and the company will reportedly also offer an annual subscription price for service through the free iPhone application. The New York Times has reported that Spotify is scheduled to become available in the U.S. by the end of 2009.

    Article Link: Apple Approves Spotify Music Subscription Application for iPhone
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    What? Are they CRAZY? O.v.o :eek:
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    Wow I'm so surprised at this... its gonna be the best app ever - once it comes to the US!
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    Who's next; Limewire? Oh well, Apple will reject it in the end like all the other competitors...:eek:
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    No, it already is the best app ever!

    I'm in the UK. It's fantastic.
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    I'm hoping the relaunched Napster service can get an app through the approval process too. Their desktop-compatible service is $5/month for unlimited streaming. I'd happily pay a small surcharge to extend that to iPhone/iPod touch (or a fee for the app, but not both).
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    It is the best music program I've used since Napster 10 years ago. I'm using it in the US now and I will definitely sign up for a paid subscription once they bring it here.
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    Well that's good news. Still, I wonder if streaming only with no local storage will be possible without a subscription...

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    I have an iTunes UK account (I live in the US). I wonder if I can get the app in the UK store and use it in the US? Or if it'll check my IP address like the desktop app and deny me access? This would be pretty awesome to use.
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    What's the catch?

    Only Wi-Fi? Or poor quality when using 3G? Too good to be true that this can be used with full quality on 3G. If this is true, I hope that the YouTube app will be updated to remove the quality reduction when using 3G, no need for that in the rest of the world that don't use AT&T. My typical 3G bandwith using my Iphone 3GS is 2-3 Mbit/s and according to my plan I can use it without any restrictions in my country.
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    Some audio streaming apps work at 128k over 3G, I don't see why this would be any different.
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    Can't see what's so great about this App.. You pay, you get to listen to some music for a while. What's the big deal about that?

    Last I heard people were downloading any song they wanted for free and were listening to it on their iPhone/Pod.
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    I'm surprised. Perhaps the public scrutiny of the App Store rejections is finally starting to change things. :apple:
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    Well, what about a HUGE selection of music immediately available without having to buy individual tracks, download, store, backup etc? And now available everywhere with your Iphone (I hope, with 3G).
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    You "can" pay or you can listen to the music you want with the odd advert interjected in for free.

    Spotify is a great service, no denying that, and if it is free on the iPhone, even better. Quite surprised it got through, however with the attention Apple is getting at the moment, perhaps they thought twice about this one!

    - D
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    It's not free, you have to be a £9.99 subscriber.
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    Well, say I was out traveling for a year or so, moving around a lot, then yeah maybe I can see it being relevant.. seems to have a lot of support, maybe I'm out of the loop..
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    It is free to stream, as it says here.

    The free version inserts adverts every so often. You can also buy Day Passes (99p a day) and Premium (£9.99 a month as you say) which doesn't include ads.

    - D
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    This is for the desktop version, the iPhone app version requires a premium account.
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    Some people like doing things legally?
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    That, I didn't know. :rolleyes:

    - D
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    We talking about the same Gen X here?
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    IIRC as said above you need to be a premium subscriber.

    Also, I thought i read that its not just streaming on iPhone. You get to store the songs locally as well as being able to stream.

    I guess we will find out soon enough!

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