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Apple Back to School Promo Starts Tomorrow with iTunes Gift Cards: $100 for Macs, $50 for iPad

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 11, 2012.

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    MacRumors has learned that Apple will be launching its annual Back to School promotion tomorrow in the United States and likely a number of other countries. As in previous years, Apple will be offering iTunes Store gift cards to educational customers purchasing qualifying products.


    The major new addition to the program this year is the iPad, with purchasers receiving a $50 iTunes Store gift card with the purchase of a new iPad. The Mac aspect of the program appears to be the same as in previous years, with qualified purchases earning a $100 gift card. We have not yet confirmed exactly which Mac systems will qualify for the program, but in past years the Mac mini has not been eligible for the promotion.

    As with previous years, the cards should be valid across Apple's digital stores, including the iTunes Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store, and iBookstore.

    Article Link: Apple Back to School Promo Starts Tomorrow with iTunes Gift Cards: $100 for Macs, $50 for iPad
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    Called it. Not surprising.
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    Just in time for NEW products!! Enjoy Students!!
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    Didn't the back to school promo at one time give you $100 off a Mac, not an iTunes gift card?
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    $50 store card for an iPad purchase is really generous! Apple is pushing those tablets hard!
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    $100...if I'm buying a $4k MBPro...I better get more then a $100 gift card. :)
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    Used to be free iPod (up to, IIRC, $250 or something).
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    Students can still get a $100 discount. The "extra" used to be an iPod Touch.
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    Used to be buy a Mac and get a free iPod nano, then it was the touch, then $100 on the Mac App Store.
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    Does anyone one have some positive experiences selling the iTunes gift cards??
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    I miss the free ipod with a mac purchase
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    I may be mistaken, but I believe the $100 discount is in conjunction with the gift card.
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    Another fake B2S promo from Apple.
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    What we expected really, this amounted to a £65 gift card here in the UK.
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    Huge yawner, especially for students, but to be expected.
  16. Medic311, Jun 11, 2012
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    this BTS2012 promo is a joke (2 years running now) for the consumer, but genius for apple. i applaud them for getting away with it for 2 years in a row and for everyone who will defend apple for doing so (blindly i might add). i can count on that statement being quoted dozens of times by people who are against me: "if you don't like it, then don't buy it".... "apple doesn't care about 1 pissed off customer"...."be happy with that b/c what makes you feel you are entitled to anything with your purchase" . all valid points i will admit, but we are in a forum so my opinion has been stated. oh well.

    i understand that the Touch is a more expensive device now so they don't want to give that away, but what about the Nano? heck, apple could have given away a Shuffle which would be perfect for college students. i would take a $49 Shuffle over a $100 iTunes card and i'm an engineering grad student (the shuffle would have been perfect). no Shuffle? fine...but at least give me the option to buy a Shuffle with the $100 card. most of the software that apple wants me to purchase i get free through my university student software program (part of the tech fee they make you pay). almost all college-bound students either in undergrad or grad school receive this perk but many don't care to take advantage of it. if you're in high school, then yes...you usually have to purchase your own software for your home computer

    you still get $50-$200 off the purchase of a Mac computer (depending on the model) for being a student. their student purchase policy is really liberal. basically you just need to be able to name a school and you get it
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    Not sure about that, but I can tell you that when I got my Mac as a back to school promo in 2009, I got a free 8GB 2nd Gen iPod Touch.
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    No, you always get $100-200 off with Edu discount.

    You used to get a free iPod touch which you could then sell.
  19. slu
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    It used to be Buy a Mac and get a free iPod, which was a much better deal.
  20. Guest

    meh. I'll take it though
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    So does that mean i have to wait till tomorrow to purchase? Was hoping it would launch in line with the mac release. They better not have shipping delays if i wait till tomrorow
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    Good! That justifies a purchase of the rumored $4k pimped out MBP!
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    I doubt they will ship anything today anyway.
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    Why not today?
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    As a student :D you get a certain discount off ur mac, which is standard and now you get the gift card too:D

    Doesnt work for the ipad though that is the student discount, tried it for both iphone and ipad :rolleyes:

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