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Apple Begins Allowing 200 Test Devices Per Developer Account

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Apple has begun allowing iOS developers to register 200 devices to their developer accounts, according to multiple reports on Twitter. Registered devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, are used to beta test both unreleased apps and Apple software such as iOS 7.

    Previously, Apple only allowed developers to register 100 unique UDIDs during the course of a year-long membership, a number that dwindled quickly when attempting to test apps with multiple versions of devices.

    Image of account with 81 previously registered devices

    Apple's strict policies prevent devices removed from a developer account from freeing up additional UDID slots until an account is renewed, meaning lost, stolen, or sold devices impact available numbers as well.

    Apple has not updated its support documentation to reflect the additional device slots, nor has the company sent out an official news bulletin to developers, so it is unclear if the update is a quietly implemented change or if it is limited to specific developers. At this time it appears that developers are receiving access to the additional slots on a rolling basis.

    Article Link: Apple Begins Allowing 200 Test Devices Per Developer Account
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    Good news for larger developer groups! Although I think this will only positively impact the market for those illegally re-selling access to be on a developer account list to get iOS beta software.
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    Let's see what kind of impact this will have.
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    Wow! Way more slots for the developer UDID sale.
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    Was it a bug? My dev accounts still only allow 100.
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    For developers that actually need it. Why didn't they offer a tiered service?
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    Still 100 :(
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    I've only used 7 of my 100 in the several (4 or 5) years I've been an iOS developer...
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    Nope still 100, i've used 59 quota ,
    Would love to have 200 device quota.
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    Seems like an awful lot of devices for any one developer. Even considering lost, stolen, or sold devices.
    Does anybody even come close to 100?
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    I bet all those scammers that sell betas will be happy
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    I'm assuming big companies with large QA departments do that all the time.
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    Our account only has 23 slots left. We don't have a large QA department. We do let sales carry around prerelease versions of our apps though.
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    To those asking why this is needed: we have multiple dev accounts, all with their UDID slots full or near full, even though we have enterprise distribution as well. We have many iOS developers, all with 2-4 devices each and switching more often than once a year, and on top of that a large QA department with at least one device of each supported kind (more when we need to support multiple OS versions) for each senior tester. On top of that, lots of employees with multiple devices that need to test on iOS 7 (for design, proddev, bizdev, marketing, coding or testing needs), requiring device registration. In short, another hundred devices on our account is the best news we've had all day.
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    Still 100 for me.
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    not me still shows only 67 more spots available for me :-(
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    Do you still get the ability to test it on 200 devices even if you're an individual?
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    seems useless really. at this point anyone that needs 200 registered udid can afford it and anyone who doesn't care to pay to register doesnt need to (at least for ios 7) this simply promotes the sale of UDID registration by 3rd parties.
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    They may have gotten ahead of themselves. 25 of us at work as of yesterday, are still at 100.
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    you dont need a developer account to do that to begin with...... so i dont think so..
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    Still 100 for me. With my 2 registered devices. I hope ill be okay... :/
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    If you have beta testers and more than one app, absolutely.
    Plus, you can only change registered slots once per year. With 200 slots I'd have to worry much less whether it's worth burning a slot for a particular tester. But alas, I'm still at 100, too.

    But dealing with several certificates und signatures is a pain.
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    awesome:eek:, great addition. i think it's time to get a developer account.
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    Cool. Now people will be selling even more slots...

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