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Apple Begins Preparing First 27-Inch iMac Orders for Shipment [Update: Shipping]

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 9, 2012.

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    As noted by a number of MacRumors forum members, customers who placed early orders for the new 27-inch iMac are beginning to see their credit cards charged and order statuses changing to "Preparing for Shipment". The new status indicates that the orders can no longer be changed or canceled and is the final stage before the machines are passed off to delivery companies.

    Customers who have received updated order statuses are reporting that they are still seeing their originally quoted delivery times, which are typically in the range of December 21-31, but it seems that their orders may arrive slightly ahead of that window if they ship out in a timely fashion.

    So far it appears that only U.S. customers have reported seeing their orders being prepared for shipment, but there are still only a few data points available. A number of those seeing their orders being readied for delivery have also included built-to-order configurations, indicating that custom orders will be arriving essentially alongside stock models.

    Update: Apple has now begun shipping these early orders, with many customers seeing delivery dates of December 18 while a few are seeing dates as early as December 13. We're also hearing from customers outside of the United States that their orders are similarly progressing toward shipment.

    Article Link: Apple Begins Preparing First 27-Inch iMac Orders for Shipment [Update: Shipping]
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    Nice ... in all honesty I want to see how the big 27" fares with the maxed out i7 with heat dissipation. The last gens got really hot up there and with a thinner enclosure I'm not sure how it will handle all that heat.
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    Just checked and my base 27" with fusion is in that state too :)
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    My order for a fully maxxed out config shows this as well :) hopefully they beat that Dec 27th estimate!!
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    So that nobody can cancel their orders knowing that their iMacs won't be shipped until 31 Jan 2013? :D
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    Great to hear, although sadly my BTO is not in this stage yet with an estimated delivery of 21st - 27th.
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    They are probably processing them as they came in... I wonder how many card rejections they will get on these compared to the iPhone orders... Possibly bumping up shipping times.

    Guess we will know in 48 hours.
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    Still in the "Processing Items" status for me. I have a 21st to 28th delivery schedule. BTO order as well
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    Looking forward to seeing them in the APPLE store, and check them out in person.
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    Very nice I wonder when 3rd party sellers with get them in. (Amazon, macmall, etc..)
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    Bad luck Brian. iMac 27" finally ships, but world ends :p
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    I'll have to call the Apple Shop I ordered through and check on the progress of my maxed out 27". Still not going to believe any shipping date until I have my hands on my new iMac.
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    This iMac is going to be the centerpiece of our office. Perfect size for using Adobe InDesign and iBooks Author side-by-side as we convert our print books into ebooks.
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    Mr. Gates

    That sounds really high tech and totally awesome , tell me more

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    Awesome. Hopefully this will make people who have complained here happy.
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    WHATTTT WHYYYY "Processing Items Ships: 2 - 3 Weeks Delivers 27 Dec, 2012 - 03 Jan, 2013" iWANT

    still hoping for a pre-Christmas delevery here in Denmark, did order like 1 hour after it was up.
  18. Garsun, Dec 10, 2012
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    Yep, my BTO is "Preparing for shipment" as well:)

    Qty: 1
    27-inch iMac
    Show Configuration Details
    Available to ship: 2 - 3 Weeks
    Delivers Dec 21 - Dec 28 via 2-3 Business Days
    Recycling Fee

    Makes for a nice Christmas present:D

    - - - - - -

    Nice, mine now say Shipped, Delivery on the 13th
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    That made me laugh and should be the standard reply to 90% of Internet posts, including this one.
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    i wonder too, when 3rd party sellers with get them in. (Amazon, macmall, etc..)
    At least Fredruary?
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    Not to be OT but I'd like to know more about eBooks and making them.
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    Ordered my BTO (UK) about 2 minutes after the UK store went live (that was a frustrating experience knowing that the US and AU stores were already taking orders). Mine is still "Processing", expected December 27-28.
  23. wdw_, Dec 10, 2012
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    I ordered mine within about 10 minutes of it going on sale. I was in the car on the way home at 2am when I got the tweet about it txt'd to my old ass phone. Sped home as safely as I could. Here are my specs:

    • 3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
    • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM-2X4GB
    • 1TB Fusion Drive
    • NVIDIAGeFrc GTX 675MX 1G GDDR5
    • Apple WL Kybd (English)+UG
    • COUNTRY KIT (whatever that is)

    I just looked, and it is now at 'Preparing for Shipment'. YAY! But it still says "Delivers Dec 24 - Dec 31 via Standard Shipping".
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    How long is the time frame between preparing for shipment too dispatched?
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    Darn, mine changed too but from dec to jan 8th and still in process. So i think we are getting screwed again, first by paying more in euro and now by delaying the orders.

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