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Apple buys NZ domain as download wars begin

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 7, 2005.

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    I only need one guess as to who posted this :p

    Great, so we have a domain name, now how about some service please? Even if there's no Sony music there, it would still be good to have :)
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    if new zealand gets itms before australia I'll be SPEWING! :D
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    mad jew

    Mind if I join? :(
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    For Once it WASN'T ME Nermal :eek: :mad: :eek:
    Was it you?
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    I won't be :D :cool:
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    I stand corrected :eek:
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    I was actually pretty shocked to see some beady eyed news reader had beaten me to it. It doesn't happen THAT often! :cool:
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    I usually don't post on here, just read, but yeah, I was surprised that you hadn't posted this yet, so I took the opportunity. :D
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    What? Still no iTMS Liechtenstein? :mad: ;)
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    And of all the people who I had picked to have posted it, you werent on the list :eek:
    I think I am responsible for about 70-80% of what gets posted on here :p :D
    Thanks to RSS links on about 30+ websites in my favourites :D ( I do also have a life :p )

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    Now if only stuff.co.nz had an RSS feed. Then you might have beating me. :p
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    True, I have to say that most NZ news websites DON'T have RSS feeds unlike the overseas websites. IDG and AustralianIT could do with RSS feeds. I wasn't really expecting that sort of news from Stuff.co.nz, otherwise I might have been following more closely :rolleyes: :eek:
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    The domain's been bought by Apple Australia, so they'll probably both be released at the same time :(
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    Neither was I. I actually almost missed it. I was waiting for something else to load, and had to go back to check.

    I do wish more websites over here did offer RSS feeds. Even if it was just headlines, it'd still be helpful.
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    So sometime before the decades out then...
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    I think you're probably being overly optimistic there aswitcher :D.
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    What's going on with Sony?

    I'm sure everyone noticed that the article showed that Sony/BMG was not mentioned in the NZ CokeTunes service.

    What planet are those guys on? What are they holding out for? Who on earth is running that company?
  19. zen
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    I had heard that Sony Australia don't want their tracks available in AAC, but want them in WMA and ATRAC. Which is quite ridiculous, of course! Sony hasn't asked for that in any other ITMS.

    Is Sony on ITMS Japan?
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    Sony not wanting to admit defeat :rolleyes: :p
    That ancient Japanese trait of "Saving face" rather than the more modern business practice of admitting you have had your ass kicked by the competition. :D
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    Apparently not.
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    I thought that this was pretty interesting:

    I'm glad that the iTMS's are money-makers for Apple, but it's also good to see Coke giving money back to the musicians. I'm hoping it's not just further profit for established musicians but a way to help new musicians get their careers going.
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    The "Coca Cola Chart Show" plays the top 20 music videos, and they often "pad" it up to 2 hours with indie videos :) (NB: It's been about 2 years since I've watched it, so they might not do this anymore)
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    If coke can give some money back to us.. Then awesome.

    My bands music videos have been put into high rotation, and yet I haven't seen a cent. Gotta love NZ :p
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    C4 does a pretty good job of that now. C4 owned by CanWest.

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