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Apple Care Higher Education UK

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by joestas, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I ordered and imac yesterday and was persuaded to by the apple care so that it was under warranty for 3 years. I was then told that with Higher Ed macs it automatically extends by this time anyway... therefore making my purchase pointless.

    Can anyone enlighten me on this? THanks
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    What you paid for is extended telephone support. You normally get 90 days, but now you have 3 years worth. To be honest it's not really worth it because you can get the same support on these forums - most of the time :D.
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    AppleCare also covers you internationally - maybe not so much of an issue with an iMac but useful for laptops...

    Did you order by phone or in-store ?

    If phone then there is no reason not to get them to cancel it - if in-store there may be a possibility..
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    SO I get 3 years breakage cover anyway?

    If so, I will cancel it!
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    You do. Make sure you understand exactly what Applecare covers. It's not insurance. You can find the details of this here.
  6. afd
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    where does it say that the HE store has a three year warranty?
    clicking on the warranty link from this page says it's only one year.
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    seems to be linking to the normal education warranty info - says 12 months and AppleCare is £150 odd.

    AppleCare for a MacBook/Pro is £58 at HE prices.
  8. afd
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    is there a difference between different universities sites maybe? I used the strathclyde one.
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    breakage? it doesn't cover accidents or owner abuse or your dog biting it.....if that's what you mean by "breakage"
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    Might be - best to phone them and ask - there were rumours (rumors) that the warranty was different at HE store dependent on the University a student was enrolled at.........
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    i also ordered my iMac through the Higher Education store, but over the phone as I'm not on the campus to access the HE store through the uni network. anyway i was going to buy applecare thinking that £44 extra to get applecare was a bargain! till i was reading in a couple of threads that with a HE purchase all macs comes with a 3 year warranty as standard on parts and labour.

    i confirmed this to the guy who i ordered my iMac off, and he said that if i did choose to buy applecare i would only get extended telephone support and international cover. knowing that this was totally useless i didn't purchase applecare. so i saved £44 and put that towards getting my 1TB in my iMac :)

    hope this helps

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