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Apple Care on an iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Primejimbo, May 20, 2009.

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    So today I got my 1st refurbished Apple product and I got the 16GB iPod Nano and so far it's great and looks new. I got it because it was the same price as the 8GB new and I wanted the 16GB but didn't want to spend the money. So is it worth getting Apple care for something that costs $150.00?
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    I have three iPods. One is four years old and still works, the other 1.5 years old and still works, one is 7 months old and still works. I never have bought Apple care on anything. Never needed it.
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    I have the 80GB also and it's going strong. I just got this because I figured it was better for working out. I probably won't get Apple care for this one.
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    Better safe...

    I always get it, my last 5.5g 80gb's hard drive gave up the ghost with a week left to run before applecare expired, so that got me a brand new refurb, only for it to get wet the following week in a serious downpour which brought it's short lived life to an end.
    On a happier note though, the genius at the apple store did tell me that any dead ipod can be returned for 10% off a new one bought, so it really does pay for itself!
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    I decided it wasn't worth it on my old nano. for hard drive based ipods, i do think it's worth it. hard drives fail too often to not get it, in my opinion.
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    It is not really worth it; for example the one for the shuffle is $50, but the device is only $80.

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