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apple care or not?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mlecho, Nov 12, 2004.

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    hey guys..i am deciding if i want to get the apple protection that costs 350$. While steep, what are the advantages? i heard that the limited warranty (1 year) that comes with the powerbook, will not cover the display, but that the APP will cover a broken/smashed/poor display. Any thoughts on this....i understand i can always get the APP as long as it is within the original warranty time....so while i have this year, is there other things APP does the waranty does not?

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    Duff-Man says...hello and welcome....may I respectfully suggest you search the forums for "Applecare" - you will see that there have been numerous threads that discuss this already...it comes up all the time...cheers....oh yeah!
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    Since Applecare isn't an accident protection policy, it will not cover a broken or smashed display. However, it will cover a "poor quality" display, as long as it meets Apple's definition of "poor quality."

    A good way to think of it is, APP will cover anything that goes wrong with your computer that's Apple's fault, not including cosmetic damages (like chipped paint on old TiBooks). For example, Apple will cover dead pixels if you have a certain magic number of them (I think 7 or so), or Apple will cover a logic board that just randomly fails.
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    no offense taken...thanks duff-man- i will run a search
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    Its $349, but the first time something does happen to go wrong it more than pays for itself. You can't buy a PowerBook logic board for $349. You can't buy a screen for $349. Plus add in the labor for changing the parts. Also, realize this, once your 1 yr warranty runs out and you haven't bought AppleCare you will never be able to buy AppleCare for it ever again. Just a thought. So you have 1 year from the time you bought your PowerBook to think about it. I think Apple will remind you that your current warranty is about to run out when the time comes.

    Its good protection for your PowerBook incase something does happen. Sometimes Apple will still fix things that aren't covered by the warranty. You just gotta BS them a little.
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    the only problem with getting apple care is for people who haven't got the money (me) wondering if they're throwing the money away if nothing happens within the 2 years you get with apple care. It's a gamble. And worst case scenario, you buy apple care, no problems, apple care runs out, computer dies. More money. :eek:

    well, that's what goes through my head... since I'm so poor. If my first pb wasn't jacked then maybe I'd have money for apple care :(
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    It is a gamble...but to me its a gamble worth taking because like I said earlier, the first time something does happen to your PowerBook then it pays for itself right there. I'd rather spend $349 on a warranty than have to spend $700 for a Logic Board+ $100+ to install it. You think you was poor before then, just look at the results of NOT buying it. Enough said......
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    You can also pay less than the $350 retail. I got AC for my Powerbook through a discount house online for $250. There's a couple of sources around if you look a bit. At that number, it's certainly worth it.
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    yes, at that number... link?
  10. Jaz
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    I had a Logic Board die out of the blue two and a half years after buying my old PBG4 550. Had Applecare, it was replaced within 3 days. No labour or parts charge. Applecare is worth the money.
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    I think you should get it, its always best if you do.
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    Another thing to think about is if you know someone in education, or even a friend who is a student somewhere, they can buy the PowerBook AppleCare Extended Warranty for $239, well less than $349. I got the iMac Extended AppleCare Warranty for only $119 instead of $169.
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    You can buy insurance policys for A LOT cheaper than Apple are offering and they cover multiple household items.
    (Cooker, Washing Machine, TV the list goes on)

    And because its totally seperate to your contents insurance any claim won't put up your premiums.

    ANd, no i don't work in insurance before you ask :D
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    The way insurance works in the UK is a helluva lot different than insurance in the US. AppleCare works the same no matter where you are, guaranteed. Although I see that AppleCare isn't valid in Florida for some reason.
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    Or buy your mac from John Lewis and get a two-year warranty for free. Sadly they only have standard builds and that's only when Apple bothers to give anyone other than themselves any machines to sell. :rolleyes:

    Personally I have Applecare on both my machines. Both policies were bought off of ebay. The ibook one for £110 and the powermac one for £50. At that price they are definately worth it! :D
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    Sun Baked

    It's just a warranty extension, nothing new added.

    So if you abuse the machine, neither Apple Care nor the original warranty will cover it.
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    Thank you for that tip! I had no idea AppleCare was cheaper through the edu store ... I guess that makes sense, though. Now I am definetely going to work my student-ness and pick up AppleCare. :)
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    YOU CAN GET A REFUND ON apple care if you don't use it.

    read the terms of agreement, and you'll see that you are entitled to a refund by sending a letter to some place in texas.
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    check your credit card. Some credit cards extend the warrenty of the things you buy with them.
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    No way... oh, I'll be getting applecare for sure then. NO gamble at all! :D
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    Sun Baked

    Still a gamble... if you read the Terms and Conditions, and there are some addition gotchas if you live in Nevada.
    The dreaded "pro-rata amount" and the cancelation fee.
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    <<yes, at that number... link?>>

    I got it at www.compu-america.com

    Never had any dealings with them before, and it took them ten days to get around to shipping it, but I did get AppleCare for $250 for my 15" Powerbook.
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    unless nothing goes wrong of course

    between work and home I've had 7 Macs over the years and only one of them had something go wrong in the 2 years of the extended coverage that AppleCare provides, and that was a CD burner that died.

    the cost of Applecare for all those machines would have been something like $1500.....and the single repair cost about $250 as I recall

    it's a gamble all right, but I think it's a gamble that Apple wins over and over and over again

    of course some people who are new to Macs are going to get value out of the extra 9 months of telephone support and those people who are willing to pay for "peace of mind" will certainly sleep easier for having bought Applecare
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    If you paid for your Powerbook with a credit card, you may be covered for an additional year or two on top of the regular 1-year warranty. I bought my iBook with my Amex card and got one year on top of the 1-year. So the choice was whether I should spend the $230 for the additional 3rd year.

    In the end, I bought Applecare.

    The reason that Applecare cannot be purchased in Florida is because the state government felt that the population (skewed toward senior citizens) weren't smart/savvy enough to weed out legitimate plans from scams.
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    Applecare from CompUSA

    Great thread! I guess after reading these I feel I got a good deal from a high pressure saleman at CompUSA. I got the Applecare for three years for $70.00 I guess after telling him I didn't want the plan after four times he came down on the price. I wonder what the salespeople get out of selling these plans anyway?
    I usually go mail order but thought I would try retail but after I see how high pressure they are to sell you something I'll definetly go back to mailorder from now on!

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