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Apple case is superb

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by richardmu, May 28, 2010.

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    What is the problem with all the people that slagged off the Apple case. A dust magnet, rubbish!

    I think for the price for price which is £30 in the UK is good value for an excellent case. Highly recommended.
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    Ignorance is bliss... enjoy! ;)
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    Bit premature for a review to be fair - you've only had it a matter of hours :D
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    +1 fantasic case!
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    I've got a Vaja on my Touch. Love it, but for the iPad it's far too expensive.

    Lots of other cases out there but for the money the Apple case takes some beating!!
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    It's a really good fit but mines getting a bit marked already and doesn't close as flush as at the beginning after 1 day!

    I'm not that bothered as I've never been one for everything looking pristine but I can see why people criticise is.
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    And I've had mine since Day 1 and I love the case.
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    I'd like to get one, just to know what everyone is talking about :) Any hints of a UK online store where I could get one shipped to sweden?
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    The Apple Case sucks because it leaves color on the back of the iPad... That's why I'm going with a Belkin Grip vue and a Knit Sleeve. Perfect combination!
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    Mine has been in the case since day 1 (except for cleaning the iPad and case) and the back is pristine.
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    I think it's a beautiful looking case, typical of Apple to produce a premium finish.

    But wait and see how it performs - I watched a vid of a guy who had one and after seating the iPad in the case in the upright position (with the case bent) - the case deforms slightly and doesn't rest tight when it's back in it's closed position.

    If that's not clear it'll become apparent after a little use..

    That's the one thing that I'd be concerned about
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    Right. It is not as bad as some people say.
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    +1 - No issues and it wipes clean instantly.
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    I didn't like it. Returned it within a few days.
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    As someone who has been using one since 4/3 i agree with the op. i have tried many cases and have yet to find anything that combines the form factor, protection and usability of the apple case. i like it so much i am ditching my grip vue's, sleves and other combinations in favor of more apple cases.

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    I love mine and don't understand all the hate either.
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    And it's not as good as some others say. So it goes.
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    Take a look at the holes for the speaker area and you'll start to understand. Between misaligned holes and the seam that runs through it, nearly all of the speaker is covered.
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    Don't hold back - share what is better.
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    Lol- thats what you dislike about the case. Damn Apple for reducing the volume of my ipads.
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    Maybe yours is defective. Mine doesn't cover the speakers. There is room between the speakers and the inner edge of the case. The sound is fine.
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    I'm curious to see how yours doesn't cover the speaker.
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    Actually. I kind of like how the case covers the speaker. It seems to direct the sound towards me instead of out the side. Also if you are holding the ipad the edge helps keep your palm from covering the speaker.
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    Yeah, because the case covering the speaker is sooo much better than having your hand do it. :rolleyes:

    Only in the bizarro world of Apple fandom is Ill-fitting a feature. ;)
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    Covering the speaker is just not acceptable.

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