Apple Catches Up to Demand for iPad Mini, Now 'In Stock' in Many Countries

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    Apple appears to have finally achieved supply-demand balance on its popular iPad mini, with the company's online stores for the United States, Canada, Australia, and a number of other countries now showing all models as "in stock" for immediate shipment. European customers are still being quoted 1-3 business days for new orders, although these will likely move to "in stock" relatively shortly.

    Supplies of the iPad mini have been constrained since the device's launch over three months ago, with early reports indicating that supplies would remain tight into 2013. Apple acknowledged those shortages on its earnings conference call last month, noting that it expected to catch up with demand later this quarter, in line with today's move to "in stock" status.

    Article Link: Apple Catches Up to Demand for iPad Mini, Now 'In Stock' in Many Countries
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    No retina.. No buy :rolleyes:
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    Bought one for my wife so she wasn't left out after I was given an iPad 4 for Xmas... you know what, the lack of Retina is not really an issue.
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    Just in time for the retina mini to be out within 6 months.....Kinda like the ipad 3 and 4.
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    I was once in an Apple store in Manchester and as i was looking at iPad mini and playing with one, i heard a conversation of a couple on my left side. A woman was telling a man, while she was holding an iPad mini on her hand: "I love these retina screens on iPad's.Looks really beautiful"
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    Yeh, still waiting for Retina before I waste money on one of these.
    Last thing I want is to buy one this month then next month the retina version gets released. May as well wait until the Retina is released to save disappointment.

    C'mon IGZO! Where are ya? :p
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    Steve jobs said the iPad was the perfect size.

    Lol at u guys ;)
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    Good, now go update the OS. It's getting kind of stale.
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    Almost 4 months to supply-demand balance. That's a lotta new customers.

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    Did you embarrass her by correcting her?
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    I was so tempted but i didn't.
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    More people waiting for the retina now.
    Me included.

    Wouldn't mind a hard drive bump, either ... :)
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    I was half expecting it this March / April.
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    This is Cook's company now.
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    Who said fake?
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    It's still 1-3 here in the UK, not too bad - on the positive side it shows good demand still. Hope it's exceeding their expectations for sales, it's a great product, one of the best devices I've ever owned.

    On a different subject (I've posted this a few times before) - everyone should take note of post number 2 in this thread - it's almost like it's a reserved slot for negative remarks, especially related to the mini - I swear they have dedicated teams monitoring new posts on MR round the clock so they can immediately reply with a negative comment in slot number 2. Go check out other positive (or even neutral) threads related to the mini - it's nearly universal. I kid you not. :mad:
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    What's funny is that SamClub never ran out of stock on the higher priced units and I seen stock for the 16gig at Walmart right before Christmas. Samclub had plenty of the 16gig units for like the last month.
    Apple is using a Jedi mind trick to make you think their selling like hotcakes. They did the same thing with iPad 3. Wouldn't you do the same to hype demand.
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    Still thinking of grabbing one for my mom. Will probably wait for the 2nd gen tho :D
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    People spew this BS all the time. Apple wants to sell as many iPads as they possibly can. They're not going to constrain supply to create some false sense of demand. And how does that hype demand anyway? They're not going to chance losing a sale because someone doesn't want to wait 1-2 weeks (or more) to receive the product. Apple sold a record 22.9M iPads last quarter. They don't need to make people think iPads are selling like hotcakes. The numbers prove they are.
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    Some companies might do that, but APPLE doesn't have to resort to such tactics.
    Also, faking success wouldn't work for them as they publish true sales figures; those puppies are selling like hotcakes.

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