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Apple charged me for my FREE $100 education app store gift card?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by waloshin, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Apple charged me for my FREE $100 education app store gift card?


    $118.75 - For the Printer I ordered which I will send in a rebate.
    $1,267.20 - For the Macbook Air.
    $100.00 - For what?
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    They charge it then remove $100 from your total I believe. At least according to the receipt I got yesterday from buying mine.
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    You'll notice that if you look at your reciept from Apple that the Macbook Air charge on you CC is one hundred less then the actual cost. They charge you for it because it ships out first. So if you cancel your order, they aren't giving it out for free.
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    TheEmpty beat me to it
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    The money should be deducted again at the end of the invoice. It should say "Promotion Savings".
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    what everyone else said.
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    I'm guessing you purchased the $1299 Macbook Air. You were charged $1267.20 for the Air, which is probably the $1299 Air + Tax - $100 for the gift card.
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    $1249 for Air with education discount.
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    Since you're willing to share the CC statements, can you post a SS of your Apple receipt? If it is an error, just give them a call tomorrow ;)
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    Hmmm I just checked my credit card too, and I have 2 charges from Apple. One for the computer, and then a separate $100 charge which has already been posted to my account. I'll call them Monday just to make sure.

    I ordered the same $1249 13" like you did.

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