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Apple Cinema Display on a PC

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by paulmac123, Apr 5, 2003.

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    Has anyone ever heard of someone being able to use an Apple Cinema Display with a PC? Has anyone done it themselves? If so, how? Thanks!
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    If the PC has a DVI pot, then it is easy to use the Cinema. Simply buy Apples ADC to DVI converter for $100.

    If the PC only has VGA, then it is more complicated. I believe there is a converter availible, but it costs around $400.
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    For every adapter you could possibly want - DrBott
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    windows looks pretty screwy sometimes on a widescreen cinema display. the windows machine doesnt reconize the natize rez like os x so things get stretched.

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    Is it that bad? Does it happen on all machines?
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    I have a 17" Apple Display for my PC and it looks great at 1280x1024. I use Ati Radeon 7500 w/dvi for this setup.

    Note, When you first install windows though and the the video driver is not yet installed you get 3 screens w/ many horizontal lines going across this is solved by changing the screen to 1280x1024 (native resolution for 17")

    ijon i have a question for you, I read that you are using the 20" widescreen, what videoboard are you using for it? And what do you mean by stretched? Can you set the resolution to its native 1680x1050? Because i would like to buy the 20" display but i dont want a stretched look. THanx
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    What would you run the 23" at?
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    well for the 23" its more straight forward.
    I has settings for 1920x1200 which is more of a standard display setting for the pc (if your video board supports it).
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    Quit faking and buy a mac... poser!
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    Oh, I have a Mac...many. This is just for a customer of mine. She loves the Apple Cinema Displays but wants a PC for her geneology programs that don't run on the Mac.
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    Whats wrong with you man? I also use a mac, but that doesnt mean I cant use a pc as well. I find postives and negatives for both systems. Besides, do uou derive your identity by a pc or a mac? Its a machine that is useful for its functions. Geesh.:)
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    Mac display on a PC?

    This is like putting a Mona Lisa on a moustache.

    Very disturbing. We're talking about a crime against the Mac community. :)

    I also need to run Windows apps, such as RoboHelp. My predictable advice: Get virtual PC!

    I've set it up so I can actually access the net while running it and remote access my employer's (a financial institution) network. It's a bit slow though on my PM 533. But it works. AND I have the satisfaction of knowing I do not have a PC in my home! Yuk, filth!:)
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    You mean a moustache on the Mona Lisa. I think she shaved right before Leanardo DiVinci did her portrait (he was not good at painting moustaches).:) But seriously I want the best of both worlds (I love the quality of my apple display and it looks great) But when it gets down to it i have to take several extra steps to perform the same functions on a mac like getting a VPC to run Kazaa (please dont tell me about Limewire it sucks). Or using EasyGPRS program for my cell phone which does not come w/ Mac version. But im willing to take those extra steps just because i am tired of using PC sometimes.
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    Re: Mac display on a PC?

    disturbing, please. virtual pc sucks, not even worth the money. pcs are good for many things. macs arent the best for everything. they may be good for a lot of things but not everything. i plan on putting a cinema display on my pc just because there is no ghosting and looks great with battlefield. its a monitor, who cares what you put it on.

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    Thanks iJon, my comments stand out much better in bold!:)
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    Oh geez, I didn't mean to start a Mac/PC debate. Bottom line is, anyone with an open mind can see that each system out there has its benefits. I have a mixture of many things between Linux, Windows, Mac's, and more. They each have their own perks. Thank you everyone for your help on the Apple Cinema Displays.
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    I want to buy a 20' Apple display for my pc but i was wondering if "1680 by 1050 pixels (optimum resolution)" can be properly displayed without looking stretched?
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    Just so everyone knows, heres my experience with a ACD on a PC.
    Last week I bought the 23" Cinema Display(woohoo) to connect to my dually Xeon box with the Apple ADC to DVI adapter. If there was a lot of black or say the whole screen was black, it looked terrible. It wasn't very black, and there were little white pixels and sub-pixels everywhere, I'm talkin' hundreds. So I took it back to CompUSA and we hooked it up to a Mac and black looked black, and no white pixels everywhere. My video card was a Radeon 8500. I say "was" because today I finally got my PowerMac dual 867 (my first Apple computer:D ).

    Anyway, just so people know, there could be issues. As to the power button, it was basically useless: turn on the computer, the monitor came on; turn off the computer, the monitor turned off. The button didn't actually do anything other than pulse when pushed.

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    windows xp it looked just fine at full screen, games looked great too. fonts look like trash though.

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    Re: Re: Mac display on a PC?

    I just bought a Dell computer about 1year ago and i'm getting a 17" powerbook anytime now (its a graduation present), and i'm not going to throw my PC out cause i'm getting a Mac.

    And i TOO was thinking of buying an apple display and getting rid of my PC one.
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    I totally agree! :)
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    I believe you can set the widescreen resolution in Windows XP with the help of a program called PowerStrip.

    People on MacNN have done it with their 20" Cinema and PC with no complaints in terms of display quality with the exception of not being able to adjust the brightness and switching it off.
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    thanx for the infos
    I'll try it out when I get the 20' Apple display (my 17' is going to feel lonely soon)
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    Does anyone know the response times on the Cinema 20"? I plan on purchasing it for my XP machine to play some First Person Shooters (Quake3, Unreal 2003) and hope it runs smoothly without any lag?


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