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    This CNet article reports on an auction to be hosted by DoveBid on Friday for Apple Computer.

    The auction starts on Friday, May 31 2002 at 9am Pacific time and includes older PowerMacs, iMacs, iBooks and a lot of 39 5GB iPods.
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    i think you meant 5/31 i hope, otherwise it's way too late!:(

    [ed note: yes, you are correct.... fixed it. ]
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    Spring cleaning

    Good. Getting rid of all that "old" stuff will surely help keep Apple in a good financial health... and ready to fill their inventory with new and exciting hardware :cool: :D

    Off topic: My God I love the spell checking in Cocoa applications!!! :D
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    Does anyone know how Dovebid works, is it like ebay where I need to create an account?
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    apple would have to pay me to use a flower power iMac my god. that is the WORST design of a computer EVER
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very cool. Now do you have to buy the whole lot, or can you opt for just 1.
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    buyer pays fees, not seller!

    take a look at the fine print under payment info for the apple computer auction

    "DoveBid shall charge and collect from each successful BIDDER a 13% buyer's premium for each sale at the auction, in addition to the purchase price as bid. Purchasers who pay in the form of cash, cashier's check, company check (with a letter of guarantee) or wire transfer, shall receive a discount from the buyer's premium equal to 3% of the purchase price (unless such purchasers bid over the Internet in a live Webcast auction, in which case the discount shall be equal to 1% of the purchase price). "

    No wonder they are selling at that site.
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    now this is a move that none of us would have dreamed Apple would make...

    they must really *need* to get rid of old stock... ;)
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    Cool, but...

    has anyone figured out how this auction works? I mean, I wouldn't mind bidding on the Graphite 600 Mhz iMac, but I get the sneaking feeling from the wording that you need to purchase the whole 'lot" of them. Well, I don't need 4 of them!
    Can we just bid on one item or not? Wish I knew, but I'm not taking a chance on ending up with 4 imacs :confused:
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    Group effort!

    Let's get a group together and chip in on that pile of iPods :)

    Apple hardware still too expensive for you? How about a raffle ticket?
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    Yeah I agree. It's a bit unclear.
    All that annoying fineprint. That costs over 2 hours to read all of that stuff.
    Would be great to get an Ibook a bit cheaper though. :).
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    Idea!! You could buy a lot of iMacs and run SETI non stop on all 4 of them, you could wire them all to airport to send and recieve data on a 56k!
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    Seemed good, but then...

    This looked really good but two things have turned me off of the idea:
    1) it is running on IIS. Being the most insecure web server in existence, I don't like them keeping my personal info (let alone credit card numbers). I also make a point of not supporting morons that are trying to make the internet a closed standard (that is, people who use IIS or NT-based software, in general)

    2) the point made above about the extra charges is way too high. Forget it!

    Too bad they didn't use someone I could respect and who wasn't charging so damn much because I am in the market for a new system.

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    Re: Seemed good, but then...

    That scared me! For a second I thought they were auctioning off Apple Computer, like the whole company!
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    You have to pay all that green for Apple and they charge you another 13% :)
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    Buyer's Premium

    What's the fuss? Buyer's Premium is standard in many high-end auctions. 13% is a bit high, but if you get a 5GB iPod for $225, will you really care? :cool:
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    Re: Seemed good, but then...

    Actually, a lot of auctions charge 13% - there's a large (live) one every month here in Dallas that charges the same thing. They just started charging a $200 cash deposit just to register to come in and inspect the merchandise. Just pay by cashier's check and avoid the 10% fee. (Which is how the Auction House gets paid I do believe)

    As for the IIS issue, I tend to agree but it's not easy to avoid them - do you not use eBay because of IIS? What about Aspyr's online site (Mac game maker). CompUSA Online, another Mac supporter - well, kinda :rolleyes:
    It's really hard to not be hypocritical with that stance.
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    Actually, this is the 2nd or 3rd time they've used them lately.

    Last time was in Dec 2001:
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    I'm pretty sure that 13% is the fee goes to the Auction House, not Apple.
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    DoveBid & Auctions

    if you read the CNet Article it says you can just buy one. The thing that REALLY sucks is that the bidding software is Windows only. Why on Earth would Apple use a company that it's software is only available to Windows users. Otherwise, you have to be on the phone with them doing proxt bids. Dove Bid could sure make this alot easier.

    As far as REAL auctions go, the premium is very standard. 13% is pretty high, but is does go to the auction house. Also, last time an Apple auction went on, the prices were nearly retail. Don't expect to get any amazing deals. Professional people make a living of bidding on this stuff and they hope just to make $40-$60 per unit if they are lucky.

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    I didn't say it didn't go to the auction house.:)
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    i don't know how many people planning on bidding on this auction, but their site is so freakin confusing.

    It's an "online" auction, so basically the bids are similar to eBay... the auction basically lasts for 4 hours from what I can gather.

    Most of the auctions on Dove Bid are more traditional with bidding going with an auctioneer. This one is different.
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    People are bidding $450 on a 17" CRT display.. people are on DRUGS.

    $1500 + 13% for a G4 733 SuperDrive? Could of bought that back 2 months ago for $1200... no thanks
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    Prices too high...

    yeah, I don't get this...the bid prices, on certain items, are higher than you could find basic that CRT monitor for $550? Crazy...The iPods are already at $300, with the next "acceptable" bid at $350 (plus 10% fee) which means that you will almost be paying retail for them. You can buy a refurbished iPod from Apple for $339.

    So, I don't understand this auction. Why would Apple be using Dovebid to move this small amount of product, when I am certain they could either sell them directly on their "Special Deals" page, or through the stores. I am sure there are resellers who would have taken these from Apple. This whole procedure just doesn't make sense to me...

    Is it possible that they are closing down a reseller, and this was the left over stock that that reseller had? They may, in that case, just want to dispose of the items and not bring them back into their main inventory.

    Anyway, something seems strange about this; but then, I could just be thinking too much ;-)
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    these people are dumb. i was kind of excited to get away from the ebay-esque auction prices. nevermind.

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