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Apple.co.kr Hacked?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 3, 2006.

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    Silicon.com reports that Apple's Korean online store (http://apple.co.kr/store) was hacked and defaced.

    The defacement was reported to be a dozen lines of code posted to the Apple.co.kr homepage. It was removed quickly by Apple after being notified of the incident.

    Apple.co.kr is running under Mac OS X/Apache. Few other details are available at this time, and Apple has made no comment.
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    Hmmm...is this really Page 1 worthy?
  4. arn
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    guess it depends how it was hacked ;)

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    nope, not at least in my opinion.
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    It says a lot about WebObjects + Apache and hints at Mac OS X being a vulnerable host, even if it wasn't the host.

    I'm wondering why he attacked a low traffic area instead of the U.S., UK, or Japanese store.
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    Seems its top-news worthy on other mac-centric sites. not that i say following others is always a great move, i'm only just saying others seem to think its big enough news.

    wonder what the code was.
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    Well assuming that the site is hosted by Mac OS X server and on Xserves this seems to say a lot about the security of Apple systems - ironically only days after it started advertising itself for having no viruses (Yes, I understand that this isn't a virus!)...:eek:


    EDIT: Anybody have any pics of the site hacked?
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    Scary...and could be really bad news depending on how it was hacked. One can hope the flaw was in apache...
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    Hmmmm, sign of things to come with the new ads taunting the nerds? I hope not.
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    Somone saw the Virus commercial and gave a whack at it... at least thats my opinion... But I do think it is page 1 worthy,

    You cant live without harm,

    For Example...
    You cant walk outside without being vunerable to a virus or cold of some kind.
    Your computer cant communicate with others without being vunerable to a virus or malicious code of some kind...

    But once we know a virus is there we have medicine to cure it.
    Once we see a vunerablilty by somone hacking we patch it and move on.

    ^Endless cycle of life^
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    I wouldn't necessarily say that.. I'd be more inclined to peer at Apache, but that's just me.
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    And so the cold war begins...
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    Thats my guess
  16. G99
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    Have Apple made any comment about his yet?
    And, does anyone have any idea what exactly was defaced? Visiting it now, I see some of the icons are missing, but this might have not been related to the attack...
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    If the hacker claims to be Turkish, why is he hacking the Korean localization of Apple's website? Seems strange to me.

    If it is in conjunction with the "challenge" to hackers within the new ad campaign, why wouldn't Apple.com be hacked--better security? Somebody educate me.
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    Wonder if we will soon se the first security patch for may! :p

    I think its Page 1 worthy.
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    Because there are no international borders in cyberspace...
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    wonder how it was hacked, and why the Korean site?
    perhaps the US or an European store couldn't be hacked and had to settle for the Korean one? details are few so hopefully more light will be shed on this incident.
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    Going after a "lesser" site is a tactic hackers usually use, they wont have the latest and greatest security because they dont have the trafic the bigger sites have and the damage if hacked isnt as much either. Apple should however make sure all their commerce sites are secured with only the best.
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    Did you see what OS it was running on? OSX Server/Apache. If this was hacked from the outside, then absolutely this is page1 worthy. Shows that MacOS is not invulnerable, and apparently not even when its hardened!
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    who thought it was invulnerable?

    :rolleyes: Nothing is invulnerable
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    Again, I seriously doubt it's OS X. I'm betting something unpatched in the Apache that was running. But I could be wrong. However, no one that has a Clue™ said that OS X was invulnerable.

    People should really look at the other stats the attacker has on the Zone-H site.

    There's only 3 (reported) of 116 by "By Dinam" that target OS X. Most are IIS/Windows targets.
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    Seems kinda ironic that this happens a day or so after the release of the "virus" and the other apple ads.
    Note to Apple, dont piss off the nerds.:cool:

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