'Apple Computer Incorporated' Becomes 'Apple, Incorporated'

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    Apple Computer Incorporated is undergoing a name change, according to CEO Steve Jobs. Quoting Wayne Gretzky, Jobs said "I skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been", and announced Apple's formal name change to Apple, Incorporated.

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    Scarlet Fever

    would this affect the deal Apple Inc have with Apple Recordings?
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    is it me, or is this almost kind of... scary?
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    Thats quite apt, seeing as they didn't introduce any computer products.

    :confused: That worries me.
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    Wel.. since there are more and more non-Mac products made by Apple, I can understand the name change...

    But I do hope Macs and Mac OS X will be just as important as it was!
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    The general public knows them as Apple, not Apple Computers.

    Makes sense to make it official.
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    Supposedly a new operating system is right around the corner and it didn't even get a mention, did it?
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    Exactly. And yes, they build a lot of things that arn't personal computers too. I like the name change.

    It's not that big of a deal, I mean everyone already calls them Apple anyway. Have you ever heard someone on the street refer to them as "Apple Computer Incorporated"? lol yeah, name change = good.
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    I agree, it is kind of scary :(

    Apple Computer, Inc. has a keynote at MACWORLD. It shows nothing related to the MAC computer line and drops the word computer from it's name.

    Hope 20 years from now I don't tell my grandkids "I remember the day Apple Computer died".
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    First step to dropping your computer business: drop the word "computer" from your business name.
    • Introduce lots of non-computer products. Note that there wasn't any word about Macintoshes OR Leopard at the keynote.
    • Port over the best apps from your computer platform to a competitor *cough*iTunes*cough*.
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    I assume a deal has been worked out, as wasn't a Beatles song shown during the keynote?
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    Interesting they played a Beatles song during the keynote. Can anyone check iTunes? Is the Beatles catalog on line?
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    Actually, a few live-feed sites said that, while others reported it more like this: "That's all we'll be talking about the Mac today". As in, "What I just said about the Mac in the first few minutes of the keynote, well, that's all. Now on to other things." <-- This interpretation seems to fit much better.
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    Is Wayne Gretsgy any relation to Wayne Gretzky, the hockey player?
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    It's online. No Beatles catalog. It was probably just a ripped track. Same way that I have my meager Beatles collection on my iPod.
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    Apple either needs to come up with their own consumer devices conference, or should talk CES into moving back a week or two. It's a sad day when the MACWORLD keynote has almost nothing to do with Macs.
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    the mac is dead

    What a shock!!! NO mac products, no leopard.

    HELLO windows, HELLO M$, HELLO sh**!@@@@$^%!
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    The "and one more thing..." that could have been

    I was waiting for "Oh, and one more thing...Apple Inc. has bought Apple Corp."

    I bet I wasn't alone either...
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    Steve Jobs interview on CNBC momentarily.

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    Don't over-react this is great news. Half the keynote is usually devoted to boring updates of iLife '0? - so this time he had some more interesting news that has nothing to do w/ M$oft. Macs are stronger than ever just not ready for upgrades today.
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    I understand the name change, but I cant help feeling a little sad. All the products I have are the last to say Apple Computer, Inc

    Tell you what, they'll be worth a bit later on!
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    Sad day..
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    My thoughts exactly... It doesn't inspire much confidence. Especially with all those people who definitely came there because they were interested in the Mac. Otherwise they would have gone to the CES or something. I find it weird that not a word of explanation was given for the lack of Mac announcements. They could at least have said that the iPhone was so important it warranted the whole keynote or something.

    I bet the Mac will get a lower priority within Apple now. I hope they're not getting lazy and allow Microsoft to overtake them on the innovation front. Just when they are gaining so much market share.
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    I Skate to ....

    This is very scary, a MacWorld with no Mac products anounced, no mention of Leopard, the dropping of computer from the name and the attitudte statement of "I Skate" - Meaning forget the past, look into the future.

    Very scary and concerning.
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    As I already said elsewhere, I think Steve announced the "one last thing" and everybody missed it. The company name changed from "Apple Computer Inc." to "Apple Inc". Get ready for more keynotes like this one where the entertainment devices are center stage, and the computers, if mentioned at all, are an also-ran. Apple has been in the process of reforming themselves for years and people refused to notice. Well, that time is here, for good or bad. I think we all need to get used to the fact that Mac computers are now nothing more than generic pc boxes with a little Apple "polish" on the outside. They are no longer big business at Apple. That, to me, makes this a very sad day for Apple the computer innovator. I wish I had known them back in the old days, but I bought my first Mac less than 2 years ago (the initial Mac Mini G4). Ah well...

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