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Apple Confidential

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mac15, Jan 23, 2002.

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    There some stuff about Copland A.K.A MAC OS X
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    Long live the Mac!
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    Come'on guys. Don't steal! I don't care if you pirate software from a multi-million dollar company, but on this level it really sucks!

    Owen Linzmayer did a great job so pay him those 13 bucks! Ruining people who took the efford to write such a brilliant book is really a shame!

    And I can assure you, it's worth every penny!
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    another cool site...

    I know this website has been plugged before in other threads....

    u can also read up a summary of Apple's history on www.apple-history.com
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    its only pages taken from the book not all of it
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    Copland is Mac OS X?

    From what I recall, Copland was a totally separate and different next-generation OS project that ended up going nowhere at Apple. It was based on an entirely different kernel grafted in underneath the existing Mac OS.

    From what I remember, Rhapsody was the working name for the OS X that we know today based on the NeXT technologies.

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