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Apple confirms more UK retail stores in Birmingham's Bullri...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 19, 2004.

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    Bluewater, fantastic! That's only 15mins away :D :cool:
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    Ditto! Hehehe... going to need spend aversion therapy for this one. :rolleyes:
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    Bristol would be good, Cribbs Causeway? Good for the Welsh too, except they'd have to pay to get back home. :)
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    Lucky me. My wife who hates the cold but is coming to London tomorrow said I should take her to Birmingham to pamper her sometime cus of her sacrifice.

    Now I will go slightly happier.
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    Not only Kent and Birmingham! The BBC report on the London opening has this interesting paragraph at the end.

    emphasis added

    Looks like other European openings are likely next year. Paris? Berlin? Rome?
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    when are other ARS coming to europe? France is an obvious choice.

    Maybe they'll have coffee in-store too =)
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    Excellent news! Apple needs to open more stores outside the continental US - opening 4 stores in England is a GREAT start; rumors that stores may be coming to continental Europe makes it even better. Look out world, Apple's charging through...
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    must be fun waiting for apple to put a store in your city. I'm ok cuz i already have 2 stores within 10 min biking distance
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    Brilliant stuff. Bluewater is about 45 mins away from, but I go there fairly often. Go Apple!
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    scotland dammnit!

    one would fit right in on princes street, edinburgh!
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    The rest of the world also deserves more stores. My only concern would be that Apple doesn't over invest.
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    Apple will get there - slowly but surely. Apple's policy is to only open a store in a location they know they'll make money on the investment, and it takes time to find the ideal location sometimes. I'd bet that either Apple has too much invested in current store plans or that they haven't found a good location yet for a store in Scotland (or any other country that lacks an Apple Store).
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    Well I think the London store will definitely be a success, judging by its opening day. The lease can't have been cheap on that one but it's in the prime shopping location in London and right next to historic toy store Hamleys. Also, the advertising importance of these stores must not be underestimated, especially outside of the US where Apple is far less known as a brand.

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