Apple Continues to Dominate Enterprise Market Despite Android Gains

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    Apple's mobile operating system continues to dominate the enterprise sector, according to new numbers in Good Technology's latest Mobility Index Report [PDF], but Android has made enterprise market share gains at Apple's expense. Android's rising share of the enterprise market shows the wisdom behind Apple's recent IBM deal, which will see the two companies partnering up for custom enterprise apps.

    iOS activations represented 67 percent of total global device activations, but Apple's numbers were down five percent quarter over quarter. At the same time, Android saw a five percent gain, with Android devices representing 32 percent of total device activations. Windows activations were at just 1 percent, while Blackberry activations were unable to be measured by Good due to their usage of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

    Broken down, iPhone activations were at 51 percent of total activations, while iPad activations represented 16 percent of total activations (and 90 percent of total tablet activations), a slight decrease from the previous quarter. Android smartphones represented 30 percent of total activations, with Android tablets comprising just a few percent of total activations.

    As for apps, iOS enterprise app activations were responsible for 88 percent of total app activations during the quarter, while Android app activations were at 12 percent of total enterprise app activations, a shift of four percentage points from iOS to Android.

    Though Apple's enterprise numbers have seen a slight drop in the current quarter, its share of the enterprise market is poised to grow substantially over the coming months thanks to its recent partnership with IBM.

    In addition to selling iOS devices to its corporate customers, IBM has plans to create more than 100 industry-specific native apps built from the ground up for the iPad and the iPhone, which will undoubtedly draw more enterprise customers looking for customized experiences. According to Good's survey, custom app activations have been on the rise, seeing a 25 percent growth quarter over quarter.

    Following the announcement of Apple's partnership with IBM, CEO Tim Cook said he sees the deal as an opportunity for "transforming enterprise" and opening up a "large market opportunity" for both companies.

    IBM's first apps tailored to various industries like retail, healthcare, banking, travel, and transportation are expected to be released this fall, with additional apps following in 2015. In recent weeks, Apple has also been heavily pushing productivity apps on the iPad to poise the tablet as more than just a content consumption device, sending out emails promoting iWork and Microsoft Office and cutting the prices on many productivity apps.

    Article Link: Apple Continues to Dominate Enterprise Market Despite Android Gains
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    Especially with the new wearable device, iOS 8 and Yosemite coming out.
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    I wonder how closely the Good numbers represent the total population? Afterall, not all companies use Good. In any case, I do suspect that now that Microsoft Office is available on the iPad coupled with the partnership with IBM, Apple is poised to make a strong push into the Enterprise. Better Admin tools would be helpful and maybe that is something that IBM can help with.
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    Market share tells only one story.

    Curious to know what happened to the enterprise market itself? Did it grow and if so by how much? (not in percent but in hard numbers).
    How many devices did Apple sell this year? Compared to last year?
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    100% agree. This partnership could be monstrously successful... if handled correctly.
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    But in App activations Apple has 88%

    Once again, in the usage category Apple shines; "iOS enterprise app activations do continue to have a stronghold with 88 percent of total app activations this quarter."
    Makes sense if you consider the incremental dev and test needed to support Android for each App. For security, Android may be off limits for some Apps.
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    Well, that's true, but you could equally easily look at it different ways. For instance the enterprise does a lot more single function devices and it's a lot easier to lock down an Android to a single app than it is with iOS.
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    Said no one. Ever.
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    And the new partnership with IBM.
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    I wonder what the -% change to blackberry's enterprise activations is. I'm sure it has dropped something significant with so many enterprises ditching them for Apple.
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    EXACTLY! :apple:
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    If an Enterprise is using Windows Phone, they're not going to bother using Good when Microsoft offers cloud services with Windows Intune and lockdown via Exchange.

    Not that I expect it would change the numbers much.
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    Soon... It'll be like Apple v.s. Microsoft.

    Apple will dominate the enterprise.
    Androids will always be trailing behind in small percentage.

    The different is unlike Microsoft, Apple quality is much better.
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    Or better yet, a quote directly from Good's own press release --

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    Considering price and businesses wanting to cut excess expenses in economic hardship, apples figure are very healthy. It's not going to last forever, as the procurement will try the cheaper options like android and find it ok enough for their needs despite apple still being the best choice for enterprise at any price.
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    Actually, I think their domination will increase. Especially as more and more people, IT professionals and users alike have to deal with the vagaries of Android support in an enterprise environment.


    Smart IT shops understand that hardware is cheap compared to ongoing support costs.
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    LOL Windows Phone. The only smartphone platform that our security people have deemed too insecure to allow access via ActiveSync, Microsoft's own product!
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    Stats is funny thing. Depending on how one frames the contex, it can lead readers to a different conclusion.
    When iTunes was the only game in town, market share is 100%. Then along came Android, then MS. The numbers then reflect changing adopt rate. It is only meaningful to compare interprises within which the adopt rate for iOS devices. Other companies can always choose competing flatform, of course. Maybe I can read this as: the larger percentage of workers choose iOS over Android.
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    Not in my experience.

    If you're building an internal enterprise Android (or iOS) app, you almost certainly are also determining the device(s) the company will buy to use it on. E.g. which iPad model is minimally required. Which Samsung / Motorola / HTC tablet. Etc. You're not going to be targeting a lot of devices.

    Related to that, I wonder if the report differentiates between BYODs and corporate owned devices.
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    What the heck is "Good Technologies" and where are they pulling their numbers from?

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