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Apple Designing Car Interfaces?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 30, 2007.

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    While an earlier report today claimed that Volkswagen and Apple were working on integrating Apple products into future Volkswagen models, reader Chris Bangle notes that Apple may have been working on control interfaces for at least one upcoming luxury car.

    CarMagazine.co.uk has a feature about the upcoming Jaguar XF, and an interview with the designer, Ian Callum.

    The interview concludes with Callum talking about the new Jaguar's gearshift mechanism ("JaguarDrive"), and claims that Apple has had some involvement with their design:

    A description of the JaguarDrive Selector describes it as follows:

    Apple was also the focus of an earlier rumor that Apple was working on car navigation and sound systems in partnership with Mercedes for a 2009 launch.

    Article Link
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    I hope Audi, Mercedes and BMW are also working with Apple.
    It's time to upgrade my old car.
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    it was only a matter of time.

    i had always thought to myself, how cool would it be if all the buttons in the car glowed when you touched them like the 3g ipod / power button on the cinema displays. i'm excited to see what's truly up.
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    THAT"S AWESOME.....for wealthy people...:rolleyes:
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    sounds cool-my dad has a bmw with iDrive- it's clunky and not easy to use at all. Maybe this will be better.
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    Lets hope that the system is going to be much better than the BMW I-Drive system which I have to use every day. The system is unresponsive and stupid in the way that you have to control nearly the entire car through it. Perhaps VW Audi, will have a better design?
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    I want this in my next car!

    Apple improves and simplifies interfaces....They could do wonders for the automobile industry. It's no surprise why they changed to Apple Inc....the company is really branching out.
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    Finally... Ive been posting this since Tuesday and have been mocked and ridiculed... Finally someone realised that Apple and Jaguar worked together.

    I would love some recognition.
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    Well I guess Chris Bangle's SCREAMING got heard.
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    I'm sure Jaguar isn't the only one. And if they are, surely other companies will be interested now that the news is out. Hopefully we will see more design improvements of this nature in the future, regardless of whether it's Apple's doing or not.

    Oh, and posting a one-word reply, then going back and editing it in a sad attempt to get the first post in the thread? Pretty weak - and you failed in any case... :p :cool:
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    Chupa Chupa

    Especially BMW. Their iDrive and iPod adapter needs SERIOUS UI work, especially the iPod adapter which offers no quick and easy way to go from A to Z.
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    Isn't Chris Bangle head of design for BMW?!
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    From the article i assumed that Jaguar helped design the Sat Nav and the interfaces on the touchscreen screen on the dash... Someone will need to get in touch with Jaguar and ask them for more info..... Apple have certainly kept this quiet
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    Chris Bangle? Wouldn't be the same Chris Bangle of the BMW `Bangle Butt' fame?

    It's odd that Jaguar is working with Apple since Ford (Jaguars parent) has been working with MSFT.
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    Yes he is... Sadly im not the real Chris Bangle :( Ive been screaming it on the forums... Not the real Chris Bangle...

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    Apple is becoming the lotus of the tech world. They are the go to people for design.
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    Corrosive vinyl

    it definitely seems as though computer has been extracted from apple.
    so, if i want the latest :apple: products i have to switch phone services and buy a new car? whatever happened to simplicity?
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    LOL. You were screaming (literally) for some attention. Maybe it was the double-posts or the CAPS THAT SCREAMED AT EVERYONE, but either way it was a good find.

    But seriously. Next time, lose the CAPS!
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    C'mon, AAPL, buy me a new car!!
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    *Fingers Crossed* for this in the Pontiac G5!!

    hahaha I know I'm dreaming, but dammit don't wake me up!
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    Come on BMW!

    Drop that stupid iDrive and put a REAL i(phone)Drive in!
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    WTF does using CAPS have to do with screaming at people, I've never understood it and never will. It makes no difference whether the text is capitalised or not, just GET OVER IT ALREADY.
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    I assume you're joking, because that is some of the faultiest logic I've heard in a long time.
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    Yes, Pontiac G5 next Tuesday for me. ha ha.
    I am glad Apple is stretching their legs. It is time to change that auto industry and bring some innovation.
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    I've always felt that :apple: should have a design department that could be contracted by other companies to help them with design! :)

    I want the world to look & function better (…an improved GUI if you will)! :D :p :cool:

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