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Apple discontinues 15-inch PowerBook G4

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 22, 2006.

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    a great machine , and will be missed alot

    Here's to the MacBook Pro and the future:)
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    They shouldn't do this until they've managed to get all apps over to the new chipset. Silly.
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    I wouldn't get too worked up, there's still the 12 and 17 inch beauties. They were late to the PowerBook G4 party, so I suppose it's only right that they are the last to leave.
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    I agree in fact what Apple should have really done was give us one more PowerBook Upgrade to tide some users over till more Apps are UB:D
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    Woo hoo, now I can be even more elitist. My computer species is going extinct. :p
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    It will be missed. What a sad occasion. Excellent form factor, glad they've kept that tho!
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    Well, you shouldn't be suprised. Apple has said on multiple occasions that the 15" Powerbook would be sold only while supplies last, just like the iMac G5.
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    The 15" Powerbook is dead! Long live the 15" Macbook Pro! :)
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    About time.

    I'll be looking forward to when all G4 machines are discontinued. They have long since had their day... living on borrowed time.
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    after all these years, i had the 15' tibook and now the alubook.

    15" PB 1.67ghz/1gram

    cant wait for the 17" MacbookPro 2.33-2.5ghz YES!
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    Goodbye, G4, I'll miss you.
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    From the (not exactly complete and very early) benchmarks of rosetta emulated apps, it appears that even under emulation the new MacBook Pro is faster than the old G4 Powerbook.

    If this is indeed the case, why is it daft not to wait until everything is ported to Universal Binaries?

    [Edit] And then I checked on some more benchmarks, and found that wasn't really the case after all, so I guess I agree with Jessica after all :) [/Edit]
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    maybe they'll spring us a 15" PB G5 next week to tide us over!!
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    G5 jokes are getting extremely old.. ..as old as the dinosaurs.
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    Well that's another PowerPC Mac off the list! Next up: 20" iMac G5
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    So now I just have to wait until there's enough demand for "classic" 15" PowerBooks, and then I can sell mine and get a MBP. :)
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    It's a chicken vs. egg scenario. Too bad. The G4 could have been a good chip had it been developed a bit more. Ah well, Intel here we come... er, are.
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    They may have been late to the Aluminum PowerBook line, but the first Titanium PowerBooks were available in 15" models.
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    Until then, we'll just look like MBP users who can run all the Pro Apps. ;) I'm disappointed but not alarmed.
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    A toast to my PB.

    With all its quarks and my occasional bumping it into things I should not have, it has been a best friend, a loyal friend, a friend that I am happy that my original order for a 17" got messed up.

    Cheers and good luck

    * Silently hoping that I get a new one for free when I take it in for a Apple tech to look at the "white spots" and possibly the warping :D *
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    I probably would have bought another G4 Powerbook if Apple updated it again. A 2.0Ghz or even 1.8Ghz G4 7448 and a faster GPU X700 or X1600 mobility would have swayed me to pick up another PPC notebook. For all non UB apps the G4 machine would have been much faster. An updated G4 would probably still hold it's own against a Core Duo WITH UB apps in cases where the app is not SMP aware.

    Oh well enough with the "What if" scenarios looks like I'll soon be joining the Macbook Pro beta testers club.
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    *wraps both arms tightly around 15" Powebook*

    I luuuuuuuve you, Powerbook!!! the fact that you turn on for me, is all I need!

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