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Apple Donates $1 Million, iBooks To WTC Families

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Sep 17, 2001.

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    As MacCentral reports, an Apple spokesman has, today, stated:
    "Apple is donating one million dollars to the families of the firefighters, police and other emergency response personnel who lost their lives, through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, we will donate one iBook to each of these families with children this holiday season."
    Certainly any benevolent sentiment can only help, to some degree however small, ease the pain and loneliness that these families are suffering.
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    Im sorry then to go rush off making assumptions about steve's superficial comments and using the pretext of the bombings to cancel the expo in Paris. I guess this is a move that really makes Apple a caring firm. Nice Job Steve.
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    Re: Well...

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    If some one should be in one of those towers should be you. For comments as immature like that one is why this things are happening. Try to do better to impruve the image of the “gringo” every body is having out side your country and go help to remove the bodies of the people who took your place. In the mean time shut up.

    [Edited by mymemory on 09-18-2001 at 11:38 AM]
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    SNOWMAN should be banned

    Hey SNOWMAN why don't you keep that crap to yourself you idiot! You're a disgrace to your country, whatever that may be and I hope that there is a way to keep you from posting here ever again. You disgust me!
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    Hold on...

    Before you guys blast Snowman. LISTEN TO WHAT THE MESSAGE BEHIND HIS POST IS. OK, I Agree that the way he has put is HORRIBLE but he has made a GREAT point that the Taliban destroyed the thousand year old statues of the Buddha sometime ago, yet Muslims say that Islam accepts all religions??? In a harsh sense if Muslim towers were burned in Japan or in Malaysia by Buddhists, it would be simple TIT for TAT.

    - Kela

    p.s TO: mymemroy, HOW THE **** CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKe, "it is you who should have been in one of those two towers"???
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    The original post was about Apple's involvement but I guess it has changed.

    Religions have been perverted since their creation. They have been used to kill, torture, rape, destroy, and manipulate. Islam isn't the only faith to have radical followers who cause others harm. Insecure religious people are frightened by others' beliefs and sometimes act out violently. These are ignorant, lost people. Religions prey on these people and use them for their own ends. The last thing God/Allah wants is for people to kill in His name.

    We will now go to war but we will not kill in the name of God but in defense of our country and our freedom. We will not go to war against a religion but against the Taliban sect that supports this evil terrorism.

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    I think the US government is doing the right thing right now. No one has moved a finger until they really find out what to do. Lots of ideological movements are called "religions" just to make them "sacred" (or in the US avoid taxes). I think the Taliban may be one, even I know nothing about them, just what the TV says.

    I guess everything here fall in to the same place, "world education and mutual understanding". A Mexican dude on TV said "If they (the Taliban) have such good intentions and their philosophy is right, why they don't show us and convince us?" The man had a point; I do not think about a religion base on some one else’s destruction, it is utopist.

    Unfortunately it is easy to find people to follow you under those circumstances. That people have nothing and if you give them some hope about something they will follow you blindly. If you got something the other one need, he will follow you. That is the principal of every political campaign. The problem is, who is the leader?

    By the way, I think that Apple gave a bit to the cause with an obvious advertising combo technique witch doesn’t seems too appropriated from my point of view. An scholar ship or something like that would be better.

    The best thing the US can do now to the terrorist is show them how supported you are with your self. When I see on the news people clapping to the firefighter on the subway station, compensate a lot of the tragedy or people coming from Arkansas just to work for free. The terrorist didn't expect that because the do not know about collaboration a support in a constructive matter. Is like here, we have a military man for president, he is Fidel Castro's best body, and he is destroying everything down here. Some one with a military background should do he stuff when necessary, not to rule. To rule you need an architect or something.

    [Edited by mymemory on 10-11-2001 at 07:31 PM]
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    Keeping the topic on Apple, I truly appreciate their generousity of money, yet question their motive behind equipment. These people to compassion and care, not a new hub to their "digital lifestyle."

    Seems to be more advertising than help.
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    That is what I mean

    I didn't want to say it before but looks something like:

    "Hey look, my dady died and I get and iBook"

    I can tell the intention from Apple but I guess is not the way.

    Can you imagine if Johnson & Johnson do the same?

    "Hey, Tampax for every one!!!"


    Ps. I know the discussions are not related with the topics lately but there are so many things to share about this incident, in the US in my country and everywhere. Just imagine, watching on TV the destruction of a structure so familiar to the entire world in such terrible way. Just crashing a plane with people against a mountain it is enough but this went so beyond any human nightmare. I'll be touching the topic very often, I think is ok..
    This was not an attack against the US I repeat, it was against normal people.

    [Edited by mymemory on 09-18-2001 at 07:55 PM]
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    Re: Snowman

    Hmmm... that was a very mature comment from your side, you hope I burn in hell... nice. You know what, all talibans want the west world to burn in hell, according to their religion all people not within islam must be "removed". They carry out death-penalty against christians because they have unsuitfull propaganda. What do you think about all those palestinians which celebrated the death of all those peoples in the towers then?
    I do not want any harm to come to these people, honestly. But their religion sux big time. If I met you face to face and would have to choose to put you in the tower or go there myself, I would die in your place.

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    Re: SNOWMAN should be banned

    Terrorism against innocent people disqust me.

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    Re: Hold on...

    If they would actually do that, Muslims would start dropping out of the sky there too... as long as they have their religion this will never end. I agree that I put it in a horrible way, sorry. I never said that I wanted anyone dead in my posts, yet some people here wanted me dead because of my opinion... I think these people should really think harder.

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    I don't believe that all religions are bad all the time. Christians have also done alot of horrible things through time, but have now due to thousands of years of practice come to a more mature state. The bible does not speak badly of any people and in the new testament Jesus is teaching people to love everyone. Jesus himself "hanged around" with alot of people that the jews thought badly of.
    But religions that say that 90 percent of the worlds population should be removed, should be banned.

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    Re: Mmmmm

    A very unpleasent thing to which for someone else. You know what, I feel loving today, so I which you a long a blessed life, I hope that you will find much joy.

    Ps. Sorry Snowman, I prefer a rock from the towers hits you instead.
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    Re: Re: Mmmmm

    Doh, I think that should have been "wish"

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    Real Motive

    I don't agree with all you guys that think Apple is making some slimy move to get their brand out there. I haven't heard the slightest bit of news about their donation anywhere except Mac sites. Have any of you thought about the fact that you don't absolutely have to adopt the digital lifestyle to own or enjoy these products. I mean, the money is going to a good cause is it not? The question it seems is the motivation by Apple to give away all these iBooks right? Well maybe with these computers these families can keep in touch with others in the same situation as a result of this event. Maybe they can create a movie in memorium to their lost parent or parents. Maybe they can use it as an essential tool for their education, considering some kids will now be orphans. I know that these are general ideas but just think about it. These kids will receive 1 small piece of joy or even comfort and maybe Apple gains some new fans. What's wrong with that?
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    Re: Real Motive

    Ah, no more flames? C'mon this is boring, I want argument now, conflict is a very important part of human nature you know.
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    Don't you realize that "conflict" is what got us into this mess in the first place you idiot! What are you talking "conflict is a part of human nature" are you that out of it that you don't see conflict will be what ends human nature? I say again, ban this dick!
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    Re: Mindless

    I can't beleive you are actually that stupid, boy are you braindead. I made a joke about conflicts, and you bring this back on me in the most conflict seaking manner possible and tell me that I'm an idiot, says pretty much about you doesn't it?

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    The real point is that jokes about this thing aren't funny. Haven't you realized yet that nobody else is responding to this post anymore because you have absolutely nothing to contribute. That's it for me too.
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    My mom's fiance was lost in the WTC tragedy, and I was wondering, are the iBooks just going to fireman's families, or all the families???
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    Conflict is in human nature, why d'you think in the 20th Cetury its been calculated that theres only been 36 minutes collectively without there being a war somewhere?

    One thing you gotta remember is that however many people died, the west pissed someone off very badly for them to be bombing and hijacking ****. The west hits back and pisses more poeple off so THEY hit back......I think you can see what I'm saying.

    On Apple, its a nice sentiment but coz I'm a sceptic, its got undertones of advertising either directly or indirectly on their part. Then again if I were in one of those families, it'd take my mind off the troubles for a brief moment - which is the desired effect I think
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    Re: Debaters....

    I'm agreeing some how. What I can tell is that humans have been in conflict for so long, obviously because of any kind of differences. What I think is happening right now is that human been are going to know more about each other because of the evolution of the telecommunications, and that is gonna help a lot if we survive from each other first.

    For example, I'm here with you gringos, from my crappie country sharing that not all Latin Americans worth for agriculture or live illegally from your taxes.

    Been serious, if more people share with one another, faster and more, conflicts won't be necessary. For example, did you know that La Macarena was out of fashion in south America 5 YEARS before you discovered? We where so sick of that song, especially because it was dedicated to a Venezuelan woman, so we listening the double.

    I think to send the army to Afganistan won't resolve too much. I'm afraid too many North American soldiers are gonna die there. This war is gonna be a big mess. Desert Storm was nothing compare of what is coming on.

    At list evil won't be able to hide in ignorance for too long.

    [Edited by mymemory on 09-23-2001 at 09:19 PM]
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    ibooks for victims

    There are only so many things that a corporation can offer in the wake of a horrendous incident such as this. One would be money, another would be merchandise, another would be sympathy. Apple has decided to offer all of these to the victims' families with their generous donation of a million dollars and the ibooks along with a sincere message on their website. I for one see no ulterior motive in these actions and commend the company for contributing. People who think Apple is giving the ibooks for advertising purposes are being overly skeptical. They could have stopped at the financial contribution -- but went one step further. I think it's a kind, generous thing they did.
    David Greene
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