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Apple Drops iPhone Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Apple has announced that they have dropped the iPhone Non-Disclosure Agreement for released iPhone software.
    Apple is expected to release a new version of the NDA next week which will still cover unreleased software and features. This move should open up discussion between developers as well as publication of books on the iPhone SDK. Both activities have been limited due to the continuation of the non-disclosure agreement.

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    This seems fair. Good job, Apple.
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    if it makes for better innovation and better apps... thats great
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    Sounds good, this is something people have been complaining about. I hope it allows for more interest in iPhone development.
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    Glad to see that they're actually listening to people's feedback. That can only be a step in the right direction.
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    This is amazingly good news! I think this is the first article on Macrumors I have bothered to even vote for it to be Positive or Negative.
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    Well then, I guess I will be purchasing a new MBP once the redesign is released to start developing iPHONE apps.

    Now just fix that damn nvidia issue.
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    Way to go Apple.
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    Its interesting the reason they implemented the NDA, but nevertheless, I guess its a good thing.
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    this I wonderful news and it's about time!!!!
  11. xix
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    "It has happened before"

    Sure has, don't forget it. This is extremely good news and very exciting.
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    wow...pretty big development here.....

    apple doesnt want any more negative backlash from andriod and the whole concept of "openess" when it comes to mobile platforms.
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    This is great news.

    I may be cynical, but I hope they aren't going to use this as a smoke screen for the issues regarding App Store rejection. Once that is cleared up things will be full steam ahead.
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    I hope this means we'll be seeing a port of Adium for the iPhone soon.
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    Finally.....the chains have been released!
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    Awesome! I've been trying to get by on Mac OS X Programming books + some iPhone Developer documents released by Apple alone, and I'm not advanced enough in my programming to do some of the things I'd like to. Hopefully a nice iPhone Dev book will be released by the likes of O'Reilly soon...
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    Now all the training courses can begin!
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    So how does this stop them from arbitrarily preventing apps from appearing in the store?

    Nice bit of backtracking though.
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    definitely a step in the right direction.

    Though they've reserved the right to squash any public complaints about being stopped by the sometimes finicky review process.
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    I think that means unreleased Apple software... like Firmware 2.2.

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    A nice development for developers ;)
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    Very cool. Now I can steal..oops learn from others...a lot easier. :)
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    Thanks Apple! Great news, as it'll now allow much easier communication amongst developers.
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    Finally. Good for developers.

    Thank you Apple.

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