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Apple DVD-R Media

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by VladDracul, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Does anyone know if there is anything different about Apple's DVD-R Media?

    I think they are really expensive at about $3.00 a piece; especially considering I can get other brands for much less than $1.00 each.

    Would anyone recommend that I switch to other brand? Which would be the better ones?

    I use the Super Drive that comes with the 17" PB.
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    I haven't bought DVD media in a few months, but when I did the Apple branded disks were comperable in price to good quality disks from other brands. I don't know if this has changed in the last few months. If the <$1 disks are no-name I'd avoid them on general principle. The only good way to know if there's a difference it to buy other brands and see how they work.
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    you can count on apple media to be non-problematic with their devices.
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    I have used them

    I have used them, they work great, $3 each with cases is a good price for the small quanitys that Apple sells them at. I have rarly seen name brand DVD-R media with cases in small quantities at below $3 each
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    Apple DVD-R media has always been rated as some of the highest quality DVD-R media you can buy.

    I strongly urge you not to buy cheap-o media because that will just cause headaches in your life. Cheap media users lower quality materials which are less reflective (meaning it's much harder for a DVD player to read them) and unstable (the dye could break down in as little as a year leaving you w/a coaster). Cheap media also has a higher burn failure rate.

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    i have used cheap stuff and some apple stuff

    i've had many problems with the cheap stuff... have had no problems with the apple ones.

    next time i buy dvds, i will buy apple brand ones.
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    You can buy cheaper DVD-R media and you could probably get away with it. Personally, I never had problems with cheaper brands (I forget the names, something from CompUSA). But I hear because of poorer manufacturing process, those discs last not as long as quality discs.

    I found Apple's DVD-R 5 pack to be actually cheaper (slightly) than other quality brands. So buying Apple's DVD-R is not a bad idea, considering the price and quality.
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    My father bought Memorex DVD-R media for his SuperDrive, mostly because it was cheaper, but also because the Apple media is only sold on the complete other side of town. He's burned a couple of DVDs and hasn't had any problems at all. All the DVDs came out perfect. Of course the quality of the disc depends on the manufacturer, but here is one recommendation for non-Apple (more specifically, Memorex) discs.
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    i should clarify that i got my discs as cheap as i could find... for about 80 cents a piece... and i can't really tell you the "brand"... hah. doesn't say it on the disc, ie, a bad sign

    but i'd imagine that getting non apple, yet good brand name discs would be fine also, as people have mentioned
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    DV Magazine did a test of blank DVD-R media with DVD players. Maxell came up on top, followed closely by TDK and Apple (Apple used to use TDK and Maxell).

    Some bulk DVD-Rs are fine; there has been testing done on them. Memorex has been flaky for me, particularly on the cheaper DVD players. YMMV.
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    quick q

    Just got a Pioneer DVR-105, which burns at 4x.

    I know I need 4x DVD-Rs to burn at 4x. Apple sells both 4x and 2x DVD-Rs. Other than the time it takes to write the DVD, is there any advantage to either 4x or 2x for playing in conventional DVD players (i.e. does 4x not play in some players) or is read speed completely independent of write speed (guessing that's the case but just want confirmation)?

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    I was just in Staples looking at DVD-R media. Most everything was right around $3.00 per disk--same as Apple. The cheapest ones I saw were $2.50 per disk (Sony). Anything for under $1.00 per disk sounds sketchy--use it in your new G5 you buy off Ebay from a guy in Malta.
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    The best DVD media, IMO, +R or -R, are the Fuji 2x and TDK 4x, DVD+Rs. They are actually manufacturered by Ricoh. Goes for $1.50 or less each when on sale, in 50 and 100 spindles. in You could look for Taiyo Yuden, which is even better.

    Just bought a 5 pack Apple 4x DVD-R today, for $20. Damn. Using it for testing on my Optorite DD0203. I've heard a lot of people whining about how this drive makes DVD-R burns that can't be read by a load of DVD-ROM or set top DVD players. So I'll just have to confirm this damn rumor.
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    I haven't had a problem with my DVD-Rs being read by set top players unless they're old (i.e. my first one from 1998) in which case I don't think any burned disk will be read.

    Comp USA has DVD media (labled Comp USA) for about $1 in spindles of 25. I bought a spindle to use for short term things like backups. I would't count on data still being there in a couple years.
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    I used both Apple DVDs and TDK, and they both performed about the same, if Apple maybe performed a little better
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    I have read about a lot of people having consistent problems with cheap media. I have burned 10 or so Apple DVDs and not had one problem yet so I recommend them highly.

    In New Zealand the apple DVDs are actually the best priced on the market - we generally get stiffed on most things over here though!
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    I have put a Pioneer 05 drive in my Dual 867 MDD. I tried a lot of discs with best (x4) TDK and Verbatim. Worst the Creation (burn errors or unreadable by players). Prices for Vermatim and TDK around 3 Euros (one disc) (~3 dollars) are cheaper than Apple's x4 (5 Euros)!!!

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