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Apple eggs...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by krossfyter, Jan 19, 2002.

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    maybe this has been posted he before..forgive me if it has...ingore it if your upset about it. thanks for your coaporation!


    any more from you techies or ol timers? any on os X?
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    that's been around for a while....
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    ohh im aware of that.

    only i just found out about it. go figure.
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    OS X easter eggs

    Anybody know some OS X easter eggs????

    The last easter egg from Apple I heard about, and seen, and used, is the brickout game on the iPod...

    ...and of course you can open up the terminal and write Bill Gates and see UNIX spell checking is action... :D
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    what about the bill gates thing? is that on os x? please explain that?
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    Hard Drive>Applications>Utilities>Terminal.app

    Open Terminal.app up, then type in "Bill Gates" What happens next is pretty funny.
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    Ok? "Kill Gates"?

    is that it?
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    That's not really an egg. It doesn't matter what you type after "Bill". The command works with anything after it. "Bill" must be a UNIX command of some sort. It has nothing to do with a secret egg. I am very interested in finding new ones though.

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    UNIX reads "Bill" as a misspelling of "Kill", so it says "Kill Gates?"

    Thank you for ruining it for everyone. (hehe)
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    I hate to double post, but...

    Does anyone remember back in the days of the LCII and LCIII, whenever you pressed the Shift button really fast, it made funny noises? That kept my elementary school busy for hours (I'm 16 now).
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    does anyone remember "the secret about box?"
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    my friend has an imac 233 with system 8.5; i had him do it he says there is a picture of mountains. i duno the specifics but someone with os 8.X should try it and c. does that work on any older systems like 7.X -?
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    the "About the Finder" box has been around for quite a while.
    i remember it in 6. something
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    although then it was just a black and white picture of what is presumably silicon valley (I think?) and then in 8 it was a nicely rendered 3d model snapshot.
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    Yup, sure do!:p

    It took me a while, but I was finally able to rip the flag off of the flagpole with my mouse. :D
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    wasn't "the secret about box" a brickles game? if so then yes I know "the secret about box" any one who has seen it would know why we keep ""quoting "the secret about box" it is the way you get to it.
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    One Easter egg...


    Close all your windows in the finder and click with CTRL on the finder icon in the dock. Funny isn't it?

    I know it is not an easter egg but I did have some fun with that while demoing OSX...

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    I t gets even better when you answer that question with y (yes) after the prompt....

    See who shows up? (although without a Capital)
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    switch to "Minimize Using - Genie Effect"
    minimize a window just to see the speed
    hold down shift when minimizing a window
    now hold down shift-control

    very cool
    i think it's something left there from when steve would demo the minimize effect before X came out

    also works with the Scale Effect ( and Suck In for those who have tinker tool)
    but it looks best with the genie effect
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    the minimizing was cool...

    Didn't Woz write the first version of brick out?
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    don't think he did.
    it was the first computer game i know but i think woz is (or at least was at the time) more of a hardware guy than a software guy. and it was probably made on some huge thing the size of a room.
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    I have heard from two sources that Woz DID write it. Once source was an Apple Store employee who was showing me an iPod for the first time back in November.
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    If you hold down option when you close or minimize a window in the finder, it closes/minimizes all of them. It's kinda cool to open a bunch of windows, and hold down shift AND option, because then you have all your windows on the desktop slowly minimizing to the dock, it always wows my pc friends.
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    In MacOS 8.x and 9.x hold down Command,Control and Option then go to the Apple menu and select "About the MacOS x.x Team"
    And yes Woz did write Break Out. While Jobs was working at Atari Woz showed up and "helped" out Jobs by writing a few games for him.
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    Re: One Easter egg...

    you dont need to hit ctrl....it works with just holding down the track button for 2 seconds.

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