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Apple Ends OS X 10.8.4 Beta Testing Program, Suggesting Imminent Release

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 31, 2013.

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    Apple may be planning to release the final version of OS X 10.8.4 in the near future, as it today sent out notices to AppleSeed members announcing the closure of the OS X 10.8.4 software update project.

    As noted by AppleInsider, participants received a notification stating that weekend infrastructure maintenance requires the company to close existing products.

    The notice thanks AppleSeed members for participating and notes that an email will be sent out when the final version of the software is publicly available. Apple first released the OS X 10.8.4 beta on April 1st and released eight different builds, ending on build 12E55. Throughout the beta, Apple asked users to focus on Wi-Fi, Graphics Drivers, and Safari.

    Article Link: Apple Ends OS X 10.8.4 Beta Testing Program, Suggesting Imminent Release
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    That's kind of weird considering the dev portal has no mention of this type of activity. Could just be AppleSeed I suppose.
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    Tuesday perhaps?
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    I can't remember Apple ending a Beta Testing Program before..?

    Usually the last seed of a beta... well just is the last seed, which becomes the GM = Public.
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    So when can we expect the GM? And does this mean there could still be a 10.8.5 before OS X 10.9 hits the App Store?
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    10.9 won't come out until September sometime so there very well could be a 10.8.5

    It could also be Apple is redoing the AppleSeed site in preparation for 10.9 beta.
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    Ugh, they still have some small graphic issues to address. Also remember that AppleSeed is different than developer testing...
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    Um, this isn't good news. I still have open and acknowledged issues with WiFi using both 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrums, com.apple.launchd issues (sleepservices, memory, iCloud stability), and others. All effecting my Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air (all current gen) and a 2011 27" iMac. Let's not even get into OpenGL Core support.

    Apple, get on the ball with OS X.
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    I hope they fixed this.

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    Uh, Sept? Where the hell did you get that from?
  11. Peace, May 31, 2013
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    The same place everybody else gets their information.


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    That reminds me of when I tried to install Kubuntu a few years back...oh the flashbacks.
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    Ah i see brother.
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    But it's likely correct. We won't see a beta until June. I doubt it will release in July like the past two.
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    Why not? Weren't both Lions made available for beta at WWDC and shipped in July?
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    No. Lion and Mountain Lion were available in February.
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    and look what happened :p
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    For 10.9?
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    But then again didn't they also state that they were switching to a yearly schedule or when they mean by yearly they're pointing to yearly schedule give or take a few months? with the shorter release schedules does that mean fewer major changes and thus less testing required? will be interesting to see what WWDC brings given that the sessions will be up online to watch whilst the conference is going rather than having to wait for weeks after the finish of it.
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    My guess for the release date is during WWDC.
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    Aside from the irritatingly slow shutdown, Mountain Lion 10.8.3 isn't giving me any problems - probably because I use fairly standard apps and hardware setup.

    The only thing that would now make me upgrade to 8.4 is if Apple reduces shutdown time, otherwise, I'll just wait till they tidy everything up in the last update, perhaps 10.8.5

    I feel aggrieved that, with new OS's coming out every year, that the previous OS never get to the level of rock solid performance that comes with a few iterations, such as 10.6.8 and 10.5.8 and 10.4.11

    And all this updating of new OS's, FOR WHAT, APPLE!!!! If you look at the survey below,


    the poll shows that most people, including myself, hardly use any of the stupid new features. Yet, the price I've had to pay for these new OS's are upgrades to several software. The one that gets me irritated the most is that when ML came out, it wrecked my 4.10 VMWare setup, so I upgraded to VMWare 5.0, but the old VM data file didn't work under the 5.0 upgrade, so I had to reinstall the entire Microsoft Windows environment. And many of the old software I used in the XP environment weren't available, so I had to buy Windows 7. All this nonsense because Apple brought out Mountain Lion with silly main features that most people don't use.

    Even with Messenger, why can't Apple just bring out an App? Why must they integrate it with the OS, so we are forced to upgrade? e.g. Skype messaging works great as an App that works cross-platform etc.

    Furthermore, with these useless upgrades, my older iMac can't use Mountain Lion.

    And Apple links its Mail program to the OS, so I cannot upgrade Mail in my older Macs (two of them). Why can't Apple create a standalone Mail app that is sold in the App Store, like Aperture or Final Cut Pro? I hardly use any of the ML-introduced features. I need to keep my IMAP in a very basic configuration so it doesn't go crazy. IMAP can be very temperamental, so I don't use these fancy smart boxes etc. Of course we know why - by integrating Mail into the OS, it forces us to buy new hardware when our old hardware can't run the latest OS with totally useless features that most people don't use.

    You and I know we are all complicit in a game where Apple does anything to force us to buy new hardware more frequently than we really need. It's a mugs game. But, sad to say, I'm not ready to shift to Windows 8 yet. Apple is the lesser of two evils.
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    I agree with you, bar one item: affecting* ;)
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    I'm guessing they've wrapped things up so they can quietly add-in whatever support they need for new hardware in time for WWDC.

    So many hardware releases have been leaked through OS betas.
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    I'm just curious, why did you even upgrade? If it was working in an older version and a newer version broke compatibility, why didn't you just downgrade? Or are there things in the newer OSes that you do need?
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    I think that there is a better chance for a world peace then people stop complaining about some unknown and weird bugs that I've never seen in my system. Do we have the same operating system? or you just like to complain all day?

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