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Apple EPP and student discounts..

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mode, May 31, 2006.

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    Hey there,
    I've been looking into getting a MacBook Pro for next year. I'm entering my senior year of highschool, and though I know that Apple offers discounts to college students, I'm not sure if the same goes for senior high students as well.

    But I recently found out that the company that my stepmom works for is covered by Apple's online Employee Purchasing Program (which extends the offer to employees as well as family), and I was wondering if its at all possible that I would be able to recieve a student discount on top of the EPP discount when I make my purchase. Every little bit helps, and if anyone's tried this or knows if there are any student discounts available to me, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks alot!
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    i dont believe they are stackable... their not coupons ;)
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    nope you cannot do this. one or the other no double dipping.
  4. adk
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    Don't even bother worrying about it, you can't get the education discount unless you can furnish a college ID or acceptance letter.
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    How big is the student discount? something like $100, or a percentage of the full price??
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    I wonder why Apple doesn't offer discounts to highschool students who can present an ID. That's a bummer.

    Oh well, I'll take what I can get. Either I can use the EPP discount or find a refurbished model on the Apple website, but I'm not seeing the 17" MBP listed as a refurbished option.
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    As mentioned, the discounts are not stackable, but the EPP price represents a pretty good savings.
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    just go look for yourself, you can look at the store w/o giving any type of ID, just dont buy anything unless you really are a student. it is a percentage by the way.
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    it's not a percentage at all. different models have different pricing, and you can check the price at their educational store. my macbook was 1050, but you get more off a mbp
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    Im kinda asking because im not in the US, but was curious anyway
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    Actually They do. They even do middle schools, Elementary Schools, and Private schools.
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    For me, (US Federal Gov't Employee, Contractor, or Active Duty) EPP savings are the same as the academic discount. Check prices under your step-mom's program as well as your favorite college, you don't need a log-in or ID or anything to just browse prices. If they're the same, you might as well have her buy it on your behalf since you can have it now. (It's allowed under program rules) As others have said, you can't double dip.

    One of the best deals in either store is on Applecare, which you can buy up to a year after you buy your computer. (Don't forget to register it online as soon as you get it, or you won't be covered after Year 1)
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    I've found refurbs to be a deeper discount than the EDU route. The warranty is the same and it's been checked over twice. Both MBPs I've purchased have arrived in pristine condition, the only difference being the plain white box. You can use Refurb.me to let you know when the exact config you want is available so you don't have to constantly check. With a little patience you can get a great deal.

    If you don't mind the standard screen, you can also compare prices at Amazon where you'll pay no sales tax in many states.
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    Mr. G4

    Unless you go to the Apple store to buy it. If you order online, there is no ID to show.
  15. r0k
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    Dave, that guy has graduated from college by now. The post before yours woke up a 6 year old thread. :eek:

    I have found epp pricing is as good as edu pricing but refurb pricing is better than both. I also found that Microcenter and Frys often have last year's model new in box long after Apple stops selling it online. I picked up a new in box late 2011 MBP for $200 less than Apple was selling it for in their refurb store. I then picked up Applecare for a very good discount using my epp price.

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