Apple Expanding North Carolina Data Center Once Again

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    Apple is expanding its Maiden, North Carolina data center again according to permits filed with Catawba County, reports The Hickory Daily Record. The plans say the additional data center building will cover 14,246 square feet with walls 25 feet tall, made of precast concrete wall panels along steel columns, similar to the "tactical" data center that was added in 2012.

    Photo of the facility from 2012, courtesy WIRED
    Apple's facility in Maiden is enormous, with a 100-acre solar farm and a 500,000 square foot data center, with plans in place for a second. Apple also has data centers built or under construction in Prineville, Oregon and Reno, Nevada.

    Article Link: Apple Expanding North Carolina Data Center Once Again
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    it's a pretty small addition compared to the main one... wonder what's the goal behind it...
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    As said before "iTV" is a brand that will never happen for Apple. Just the same as MS had to change from using "SkyDrive" to "OneDrive" recently because the brand name Sky is owned by the Murdoch corp British Sky Broadcasting (they use the "Sky" brand) in the UK and beyond, and offer internet services, hence the conflict. The same is true for the UK's Independent Television (they use the "iTV" brand) – guess what industry they're already in...
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    You need a cdn for that
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    A guy in another thread about the Campus 2 pointed out how these overhead shots look a lot like silicon chip photos. Now I can't stop looking for the FPU and L1 cache! :)
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    ... Unannounced names aside...

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    All that iWatch data won't sync itself.

    Content delivery network. Like Akamai.
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    Another man-trap door for a facility this large. I wonder why they believe this much security is required. Two layers of doors makes sense. But to physically/electronically link them so that they can't both be open at once seems like an unnecessary amount of security to become basically standard.

    I'd like to see Apple get a little better with digital sharing. But iTunes has been streaming pretty good for me over the last couple of years. I'm definitely ready to buy another Apple TV though and get even better performance. I could retire one of my version 2s. And if the device is good enough and still $100, I might retire two of them.
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    If I'm understanding correctly, it would prevent the scenario of creating a distraction at one door while entering the other.

    Can you imagine the fallout if apples entire cloud was compromised. Personal info, software updates, apps, even lack of availability. The more connected everything gets, the more painful a loss of those connections. A single breech would hit the stock value with losses greater than the value of the entire facility.
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    I wonder what speed the Internet connection is there and how they connect. Also what the storage capacity is. Minus redundancy and backups.
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    I agree that UK's ITV has a strong lock on that name but there is always the possibility that Apple will license it. That's what it did with Cisco for the "iOS" name - just paid money and licensed it.

    I'm not sure that Apple will do it but it is possible.
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    I see, so what enables them to host/stream videos on an Apple TV now, but would prevent them from doing this on a larger scale with owner generated content?
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    If I were ITV, I would sell the name to Apple for Gigabucks, and just choose another name. ITV is so well established in the UK, it could rebrand itself with any other name, and it would make no difference. Some people already call it Channel 3, the reasons for which will be obvious to people in the UK.
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    Stock price hit makes sense. Certainly the loss in stock price would be less than the cost of this door (and the continued inconvenience of using it (if it does what it is supposed to do, it should have nearly zero ability to circumvent, meaning it will be a total pain on a daily basis just to get stuff in and out of the building)).

    I'm thinking Apple's got something in the works. These data centers seem bigger than what is necessary to stream iTunes to current Apple TVs.
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    Their network expansions must be for mobile payments and imminent TV service.

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