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Apple Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Passwords with Photo Identification as Authentication

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 11, 2013.

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    With Apple's interest in a smart watch gaining renewed attention, there has been a considerable amount of speculation about what the company might try to do with such a device. Some of the speculation has pointed out that a watch could provide a good alternative to traditional passcodes by using watch proximity to grant a user access to systems and apps.

    Apple is apparently looking at other alternatives for traditional password security as well, as highlighted in a patent application published late last week and spotted by Patently Apple.

    The patent application describes a system that would display one or more photos stored on a device and ask the owner to identify them. The document mentions voice entry as one method of identification, using the example of a photo from the owner's Contacts database.
    The patent application suggests that the user would be able to choose the number of photos required to access the device, in the same way they already choose between simple and complex passcodes on an iPhone or iPad.

    Apple previously filed for a patent on an approach similar to Android's Face Unlock feature, where the phone unlocks when it recognizes the face of the owner through the front-facing camera, though it was discovered soon after it debuted that the system could be easily fooled by using a photo of the owner displayed on another handset. Additional innovations such as a "Liveness Check" requiring that the user blink for Face Unlock to function have, however, been developed to increase security.

    Article Link: Apple Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Passwords with Photo Identification as Authentication
  2. underkuerbis, Feb 11, 2013
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    Geez, I'm not good with names...
    I don't approve ;)
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    Get in an accident, get disfigured....can't use your phone :(
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    Well i doubt this would be the only option.

    I have no real issue with Apple providing a variety of schemes we can use, singularly or in a stack of our choice.
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    Keep copying those android features apple you got this!
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    I really can't think of any scenario in which this would work.

    I wouldn't want my photos displayed without my passcode being entered. That's one of the things it's there to prevent.
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    The Android Face Unlock feature is pathetic. I could use my friends Facebook profile picture to unlock it.

    I still can't see Apple's system being fool proof. I mean, what if you know a lot about that particular person, like you're a family member or something. At this time, there isn't any better options than the passcode unlock, or Android's "join the dots" thing. (However, you can look for pattern smudges, tap marks on the screen)
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    Mr. Retrofire

    In that case, you have probably more important problems.
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    Remember this? "My voice is my password" :D
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    Here comes Apple, late to the party as usual. But they'll still call it innovative b/c it's Apple.
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    They will just do it better, per usual.
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    ... As long you don't have a heavy cold and can't speak clearly ... Or in a noisy environment ... Or a very silent one ...

    Don't think voice is a good option; for login.

    Images and gestures are more flexible.
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    This idea is very prone to error. I would simply rather remember my passwords.
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    How would a very silent environment be bad in your example? :p
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    People keep forgetting Apple's policy. They have tons of patents that never make it to the product because of their very high requirements. This will probably not be one the (I like to say) few mistakes as Google already showed us how not to do this.
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    Think about you are in a school class or church and while session is going on you want to check email. I'm sure many people will look at you because you break the silence while unlocking your phone. :p
  17. nostaws, Feb 11, 2013
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    Actually, I am pretty sure that it was "My voice is my passport. Verify me."

    That was the problem in the movie. How do you get someone to casually say "passport."
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    ...wow. I'm all about quoting the classics today.
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    FTFY :p
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    They are just NOW doing this? No wonder The Woz says they are falling behind.
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    A cold does not affect voice biometrics; voice verification would still work.
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    late to the party - thats true

    we just make it better and way cooler:cool:
  24. macrumors demi-god

    Which feature is this copying?
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    This article seems a lot more front page worthy than the "This is an iPhone 5 clone, not an iPhone 5S prototype" article.

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