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Apple Expo Paris 2006

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Apple Expo 2006 has been announced to take place in Paris, France from September 12-16th this year.

    Last year's Apple Expo (photos) offered no keynote speech or significant announcements. The 2004 Expo, however, did launch a new G5 iMac while the 2003 Expo revealed new PowerBooks.

    No announcement about the status of a Keynote for this year's Apple Expo 2006 has been made.
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    already got my reservation in - no keynote as yet though

    wait and see if steve fancys a trip to paris later this year :rolleyes:
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    Let's hope they announce some good stuff, as always.
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    Merom, Merom, Merom, Merom, Merom, Merom, Merom, Merom, :D

    Hopefully in a Rev B MBP with a upgraded GPU with a DL DVD-RW. That would be perfect and the readies would be handed over straight away :D :D
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    hmmm. sounds about right for the macpro and merom...
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    Stuff France, it's about time Jobs did a keynote here... in London. :D
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    The keynote will be on the end of the last day of the show.

    Steve Jobs will appear by remote videoconference to thank the French for their support of the iTunes Music Store and because of the meddling politicians, they're shuttin' 'er down! Adieu, suckers!
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    MacPro (former PowerMac) would have the desktop version of Merom (dunno the name right now) or even Woodcrest as PowerMacs usually have more power than "normal" desktops. But it's indeed a good time to release the MacPro as Apple wants to complete the hardware transition this year.

    Merom will definetely go into the Macbook Pro when it comes out. I think I can hold out until then and get an iMac in the meantime...
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    Yes, Jobs in London would be very cool for the growing Apple community in UK.
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    Keynote Keynote Keynote :D
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    Dang not till september
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    If there is a keynote then I will start hoping for new hardware release, until then im not expecting anything new. Certainly hoping for the mac pro to be released, or a update to the mini (bring on decent graphics apple!)
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    ipods that have really big screens?
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    Might wait untill september before considering an ipod just in case :p
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    New name for Powermac...??

    What about ProMac, i have seen it mentioned a couple of times but everyone seems to like MacPro more... I just don't think "MacPro" has enough of a ring to it, then again, neither sound as good as Powermac *ducks*....

    I think we need a vote :)
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    I bet it's going to be the Power Mac and the end of the iNtel Transition, except maybe the Xserve.

    The new PowerMac Name? How about Xmac? I think Power Mac will stay, because there were power macs (or powerbooks) before PowerPCs i think.

    And by the way, the iBook is NOT going to be called the MacBook. Apple wouldn't lose so much name recognition to a name as ugly as MB.
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    Seems like that would be a good time to make a final display of Apples holiday offering. However, Apple seems to be favoring throwing Apple only rock shows now-a-days so maybe they are going to be playing down the conventions (sans WWDC and MWSF).
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    Would be another gr8 reason for me to go to London!

    Let's see.. top reasons so far are:
    - Arsenal
    - Apple Store Regent Street
    - couple of Gin 'n Tonics

    A Stevenote would definitely fit in there! :)
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    If they don't update the XServe soon - they may as well abandon it altogether! :mad:
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    Expect Le Mac to be announced in Paris. Disabled from opening any proprietary file types.
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    If they were willing to toss out the powerbook brand recognition, they aren't gonna have an issue with the ibook brand...
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    Intel PowerMacs at WWDC in August (Conroe/Woodcrest), Merom-based lappys at Paris Expo - it's all good. :cool:

    Hopefully we'll get a Keynote this time around, but I have my doubts, since Jobs will most certaintly be giving one at WWDC. Mind you, if there are enough significant reasons to have one at the Expo, I'm sure they will. :cool:

    Nah, they're just waiting for Woodcrest. No use in upgrading the Xserves just for the sake of upgrading them - wait until you have something meaningful and sensible to upgrade them to first!

    Patience, my son...
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    And Intel applications by WWDC'07 ??

    Or maybe the PMG5 will continue to be sold alongside x86 systems at least until Photoshop is a fat binary.

    BTW, I'll repeat my prediction:

    - New mini-tower form factor for a Conroe-based system (dual-core, single-socket)

    - Woodcrest chips in a maxi-tower like the PMG5 - but hopefully with room for more disks/optical inside (dual-core, dual-socket (quad))

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