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Apple Expo Paris - September 25-29th. New Products?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 17, 2007.

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    Apple Expo takes place on September 25-29th this year in Paris, France. In recent years, Apple has not used Apple Expo in Paris as a launching ground for new products. The last official Apple keynote speech was given in 2004 by Phil Schiller and introduced the iMac G5. The last time Steve Jobs participated in an Apple Expo keynote was a PowerBook release in 2003. There were no Apple keynotes for the 2005 or 2006 Apple Expos.

    9to5mac.com, however, speculates that Apple could use this year's Paris Expo as the launching ground for a number of European initiatives, as well as possibly the new iPod. Certainly, the timing of the event coincides with many expected announcements from Apple, though no official plans has been announced.

    Apple revealed during their 3rd Quarter financial conference that they would be announcing the iPhone's european availability this quarter in "a few select countries". Rumors have pegged UK, France and Germany as the first countries outside the U.S. to receive the iPhone.

    September also corresponds with historical refreshes in Apple's iPod line as well as the end of Apple's Back to School iPod promotion. There have been ongoing rumors that Apple would be updating the iPod soon with our Buyer's Guide showing both the iPod and iPod Nano being overdue for updates.

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    New iPod please Apple :) Although I just got the battery of my 15GB 3G iPod replaced a month ago (now ~20 hours life) its getting old...
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    Computer hardware please Apple.
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    Steve's going to take this time to announce what everyone's been waiting for...

    A new iPhone!

    Also iPods are discontinued.
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    So...iphone euro...

    Seems like apple would announce ipod-phonic video 6.01G or whatever they call it in the states, but who knows.
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    Any Apple event like this should bring some goodies that we can all enjoy. :)
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    Pffft, it's obvious we'll see the Powerbook G5 here :D
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    I think the new hardware (iPods) will still roll out prior to Paris. Do we really need another iPod keynote?

    And wouldn't this be a bit too early to announce new MacPro's with the Penryns coming in Nov? Unless Apple will have the chips available early...

    Nah, I just don't see them announcing new hardware at this event.
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    Best get them Eurostar tickets booked people!!!!!

    Mange tout, Rodney, mange tout....
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    I going to have to say iPods... and hopefully coloured iMacs :cool:
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    Colored iMacs man Eidorian is going to jump on you. :p
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    My guess is that we'll see new iPods, but otherwise any announcements will be related to new deals, iPhone in Europe, iTMS-related news, etc. - no other specific product announcments. It is too early for Mac Pro updates as we have to wait for Penryn in November and the iMacs and Mac minis were just updated. Apple won't update the MacBooks or MacBook Pros for a while yet either.

    The past couple expos haven't been anything too spectacular, so let's hope this one has something a little more exciting in terms of announcemnets for us. :cool:
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    Maybe it will include news of iTunes Store movies and TV shows in Europe. It's been rumoured recently that a UK launch was coming soon...
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    This is more of a page 2 rumor in my view... Nothing substantial, just guesswork...
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    Any sign of those iTunes TV and movie downloads for the UK / Europe?
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    I'm at a loss for words...
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    You're all forgetting one thing:


    Oh yes, it's xServe's time to shine. Are you excited yet? It's the perfect Christmas gift for friends, loved ones, and children. Give the gift that keeps on giving: a database server. It's that kind of brilliant, out-of-the-box thinking that Apple marketing is known for. We're looking at a game-changer here, people.
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    iTablet Sept 25?
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    iPhone, AppleTV news for UK

    Sure, I see these things being rolled out in Paris - iPhones for the UK and iTMS tv shows. And more face time for iLife/iWeb...
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    I'd really like to see the MacBook upgraded to be equip for Leopard. Also maybe Nano updates, but honestly, the iPod isn't of much interest to me lately after all the intense hype about the iPhone.
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    I kind of can't believe this joke is still going around. I read MR for years before I joined and started posting. I'm guessing you did too.

    We need a new joke around here. Any suggestions?
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    Remember Steve said there would be some news about the Apple TV 'soon'?
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    Yea the launch is rumoured to be very soon, so this is a possibility.

    But I have to disagree somewhat with Mac Rumors, Apple really doesn't like the Expo in Paris, past speculation has pointed towards adverse French laws coming down on Apple causing Apple to pull out of France as much as possible.

    Not to mention, who likes France anyway :p

    Let's not forget Mac Expo London....
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    How about a 12" MBP?
    Or the QuadCore MBP?
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    My money's on new iPods. The current iPod promo will be over and the holidays will be right around the corner.

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