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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Some easy questions, I would have only missed 1 (the one about Steve's Salery, I didn't know that).
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    Exactly the kind of post I would've made. I didn't know the salary answer... I probably would've guessed it though, since Steve is the big man of the company. Anyway, too bad I missed it; I would've been screaming the answers at the TV. :p
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    I would have torn through that shiz like it was my job.
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    steve made it into the guinesses world book of records with that. lowest salary. he gets paid with all his money in apple.
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    These are probably the only Jeopardy! questions I would ever be able to answer. I definitely would have aced these.
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    Ive known Steve's salary for ages, I think I might have missed the airport one...
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    I thought that was the easiest, I could have guessed that even if I didn't know about the product. Take a lucky guess, there are only so many places airplanes take off ;)

    I Knew them all, dangit, for once I wish I was on the show, just to show off my apple nerdy-ness :eek:

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    I knew them all, but I don't know if I would have buzzed in under pressure on the quicktime question.
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    I wasn't aware of the whole salary thing either. When I read it I thought that was a typo or abbreviation for something else.

    Interesting. :D
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    No salary but billions in stocks.
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    Sorry for questioning what seems to be the obvious but...

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    I don't watch jeopardy very often, but I have been able to answer some of the questions before. Not enough to win any money, but perhaps maybe on Teen Jeopardy. Anyhow, I enjoy watching shows like that, which allow me to test my own knowledge. And out of the huge number of questions that I am not aware of, I tend to learn many new things every time I sit down with that show.
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    I second that.. I'd get them all right.

    One should note that while Steve gets $1 annually for a salary, he also got a personal Lear jet when he came back to Apple. ;)

    Did Alex say "Oh Es Echs" or "Oh Es Ten"?
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    When questions, I mean answers, on Jeopardy! are about technology, they seem sooooooooooooo easy.

    I have a little more trouble when it's "The person named as the successor to the Grand Duke in the constitution of Luxembourg."
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    If on the death of the Grand Duke his successor is a minor the regency shall be exercised in accordance with the Family Pact.

    Isn't google great?
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    What is a member of the Nassau family. Duh. Doesn't everyone know that? :rolleyes:

    Not quite, buddy. :)

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    that's awesome that apple was on jeopardy. i would have gotten all of them right
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    I would stumble on Literary History. I'd excel at tech questions, current affairs and play on words like anagrams.

    Here's to the Crazy Ones [​IMG]
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    I probably would have gotten most of the questions right except for the Quicktime question.
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    I'd probably forget how to spell "Apple" if I was put on TV with a timer running and bright lights in my face, with all my friends watching and a lot of cash at stake.

    Ken Jennings, on the other hand, handled both the pressure and the tech questions with ease, being in the computer field himself.

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