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Apple Fibre Channel card - Urgent!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by craigontour, Nov 2, 2003.

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    Doing w/e maintenance on Xserve/Xserve RAID and suddenly the RAID disappears.... urgent help needed please!!

    Updated 10.2.5 on Xserve to 10.2.8 using System updater.
    Rebooted and RAID drives not visible. Xserve drives visible, just not Xserve RAID vols!

    Updated RAID Admin
    Updated RAID Firmware

    Still no joy.
    Shut everything off!
    Turned everything on. No joy.

    Looking at the Fibre Channel Card in Xserve I notice the port lights on the card are not lit. Are they sposed to be?

    How could it have failed on me now??

    Any help most appreciated.

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    In case you haven't already, you're far more likely to get help for something like this by posting on Apple's support forums.

    There's a good chance that someone here will know something, but getting the info straight from the horse's mouth is always best.
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    You should have lights on the FC card when it is connected properly. If you have a can of compressed air, you may want to blow the ports clean as well as the fibre ends. Also, try a spare cable.

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