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Apple files a patent for a computer interface with single wi...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 20, 2005.

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    just a thought off the top of my head

    this may be how classic mode is used in the mactels.?.

    currently classic runs in unison with osx ppc apps.

    now with the mactels, the OSX x86 apps run native, the PPC apps run in unison (via rosetta) similar to how classic is run now. And Classic (OS 9) is relegated to its own window

    just spit balling
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    This WAS a feature in Mac OS X, and was taken out right before the Public Beta. If anyone recalls, the whitish rectangular button on the right hand side of the top of each window that will either hide or show the toolbar used to turn purple when clicked. When it was purple it turned on single window mode. Anytime a new window was opened the other one was minimized to keep everything very clean. This new patent sounds a lot like that feature which was removed even before Mac OS X hit Public Beta!
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    Not sure I like this idea... I think it might become confusing when you're working across apps and only want to switch briefly to another one and find windows disappearing.

    I use Spirited Away which sits in the menu bar and automatically hides apps after a certain amount of time (preset at 60 seconds). You can exclude apps from being hidden by just clicking on the menu bar icon - and force them hide again equally easy. I find it very useful...
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    Dude.. first thing I thought of here.. Windows OS. I bet this is going to be used to run Windows in the background, in a very VPC-like manner. You heard it here first.
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    Classic is dead once the last PowerPC Mac ships. The things described in the patent were replaced by option-click in the dock and Exposé.

    Bingo. The application for this one goes back to 2000.
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    I watched the Macworld 2000 Keynote recently. Steve Jobs was demonstrating this feature. I thought it was pretty cool.
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    Either this is Front Row or Project Looking Glass-like interface for Leopard?
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    i think this a modification on the purple button in the upper right hand corner. in that version, windows genied back to the dock... in the description on macsimumnews, it sounds to me more like another expose subset. e.g. instead of the minimized windows going to the dock, they all expose down to the corner of your window.
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    Have a link? I'd love to take a trip down memory lane. I remember using Mac OS X Beta on my iBook my freshman year at college. It was so slow, but so cool!
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    Yes, I would also like this link. I remember seeing it on ZDt.v but I would like to see it again. Mac OS X was a pretty scary thing then as i recall, I dont think I even use Classic anymore. I cant beleive its been 6 years.
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    Single Window Mode on the old Rhapsody demos never seemed that useful. I get the idea, but it just wasn't done right. Maybe it CAN be done right, though.
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    This sounds just like the UI that was used with System 6, with MultiFinder disabled. Only one task is visible at once.

    The fact that only one is loaded in memory at a time back then is irrelevant as far as the UI is concerned.

    For that matter, DoubleDOS (an MS-DOS multitasker, circa 1988) also sounds very similar. Two apps running at once, with only the foreground app's display visible.

    I suspect most multitaskers from the early days of computing had a UI that would fit this patent's description.
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    I get the impression that Apple is thinking more along the lines of stuff like Dashboard and Front Row - where these apps, when activated, hide everything else that was on the screen.

    I would be surprised if they ever ship a system where this is the normal mode of operation. it's simply too useful to have multiple apps visible at once. (Like when I copy values from my bank's web page into my budget spreadsheet.)

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