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Apple Footnote: "Do Not Eat iPod Shuffle"

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 12, 2005.

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    I saw this yesterday and thought it was funny. I even posted it on a Windows-centric gaming forum, and it seemed to be well received :D
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    Its funny, yes.. but over the top fuss?

    Noticed the joke on the Apple Works product page?
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    Haha very observant!


    Yeah I really wanted to be the first to post about the do not eat on Macruomrs, but I chose to keep my sanity over trying to use the forums after the keynote, really, I think it was a wise descition considering we were all clogging the Macrumors site, AND the Apple site.

    I have never seen it that slow before.
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    Apple employees are having fun now, considering they were working hard leading up to Christmas and Macworld, plus selling tons of iPods and iMacs.
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    funny ... i wonder if steve OK'd that or what he'll say when he finds out.
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    Good to know that Apple and Steve have a sense of humour. :)
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    I'm sure some of you remember the old iMac assembly ad where they had a boy and his dog assemble an iMac in 10 minutes and some guy assemble a PC in about 40. The announcer said something like 'of course, this isn't fair, because the dog helped' :cool:
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    *Laughs* That was a good one, 8 minutes for a mac, the Pc pro was furious and didn't know what to do. That add ran constantly at Comp USA on the iMacs. Which reminds me, my Comp USA mac section, it's in the back and seems unkempt, malnourished, w/e. It's like no one cares about it anymore. Kinda sad. At least there's a Fry's down the street now with a bigger mac section. :D
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    Anyone have that video of it the dog and the boy?

    Edit:I think I found it, this is neat

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