Apple gave me a refund for OSX Lion due to Wifi

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by rxl125, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Apple refunded me my $30 for poor wifi performance in OSX Lion. I have to respect how they treat their customers. OSX lion needed more testing for wifi and I think they are realizing this with customer complaints. My situation was pretty simple, newer iMac with Airport Express (older one that worked fine in Snow Leopard) that does wireless G not N. Wifi would go out every time I walked away from the computer So if you are having wifi problems I suggest you contact apple and get your refund.
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    I read somewhere it is fixed with the 10.7.2 beta
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    Yeah, their support is great. My MacBook Pro had a slightly sticky shift key which made typing a pain. I rang them up and went straight through to support (no holding at all) and the whole thing was agreed upon and resolved in 5 minutes. They sent out a new one and collected (their charge) the sticky one. No arguments, no ********. Well done.
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    It's great you got a refund, but I would caution folks that the refund is likely a 1 time exception as the terms of the app store clearly state that product sales are final. I have read where people have gotten refunds on Final Cut Pro X and were told that it was a 1 time exception. I'm just saying this as I know for myself I would not want my exception to be on a $30 piece of software. Certainly if you don't purchase software much, then this wouldn't matter.
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    Never had software work this poorly in 20 years of owning a computer. Apple usually tests their products better than this... Seems like a rush job since their was issues in the demo stage with wifi. Wifi with apple's own routers should not be an issue.


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