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Apple gives Win XP better support than Leopard

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Hrududu, Sep 12, 2012.

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    So with the new iOS devices relaxed today the end of iTunes sync support for PowerPC devices is officially done. You can't have a new iPhone, iPod, or iPad and use it with Leopard. How the heck does Apple support XP and not Leopard on either PPC or Intel?
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    Good thing I don't keep my iToys up to date.
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    Windows XP is used by 20% of the world's computer-using population. All versions of Mac OS X are somewhere around 7% and I'd imagine Leopard is 1% or less of that. Not worth the resources supporting it. That, and the fact that they're probably trying to force you to upgrade to a new Mac :p
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    Still annoying as hell!

    I was all set to update my 3Gs but until Apple updates the iMac they won't be getting my money!

    So I went from being happy :) about the new iPhone, then sad :sad: when we get no iMac new and now pissed about the min spec on the iPhone :pissed:
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    The most ridiculous iThing is the iPod Shuffle,a 49eur iPod, wich is equal to the previous one (apart from the colors), and requires a machine with 10.6.8!
    THe previous one required 10.5.X.
    And the bad part about all this, no one can "hack" previous itunes do sync the ipods or iphones...I almost bet than in windows some regedit could do the trick :p
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    Zeke D

    so we are still cool if we do not update IOS or anything, right?
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    I presume you can still do OTA updates of existing devices to iOS6.

    However, the writing's now officially on the wall for PPC as anything other than a hobbyist's platform, with Firefox/Tenfourfox facing its own 'judgement day' with the end of official Leopard support.

    Still, it was fun while it lasted, and iTunes 10.6.3 will keep playing the tunes and doing home sharing on my iMac G4...
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    Get a $50 off lease P4 XP system and you're good.
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    I agree with the sentiment, but if it's any consolation, iTunes syncing isn't as much or a priority since iOS5 and now iOS6. You don't have to sync with iTunes at all if you don't want to.
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    Run Virtual PC or Bochs with a copy of Windows XP.
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    The problem with iDevices, except for the iPhone and maybe iTouch is that a larger part of the users of those devices are Mac users than, maybe, a random selection of users of computers in general, so I think it's a bit more important to support older devices than before.
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    I doubt the percentage difference is really that great. There may be a slightly higher percentage of Mac users that are represented in iOS than say an HP printer. Let's say 7% of printer buyers are Mac owners then perhaps 10% of iOS buyers are Mac owners.

    I say this according to Appleinsider. There were 156,000,000 iOS devices sold in 2011. By the end of 2011 there were 122,000,000 Macs ever sold that is over 28 years of cumulative Mac sales.

    Sure Macs are selling much better now than they used to. About 17,000,000 sold in 2011. Even if every one that bought one also bought one iOS device that is still about 9%.

    Sure older Macs could run iOS devices. Even then there have been 316,000,000 total iOS devices sold up to the end of 2011. That absolutely dwarfs the number of Macs able to connect to them. Plus I highly doubt that the ratio of Macs capable of connecting to an iOS device means one iOS device sold.
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    Another reason I need to get myself a copy of Virtual PC...

    It's a shame - but I can say fair play to them supporting us all the way up to 10.6.3, it was very un-Apple like.

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