Apple Grabs Another Gaming PR Executive for App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 2, 2012.

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    MCV reports (via The Next Web) that Apple has nabbed yet another gaming PR executive, this time hiring Microsoft's European chief of Xbox Live marketing Robin Burrowes to oversee App Store marketing in Europe.
    Apple has been drawing PR and marketing talent from the gaming industry for some time now as it seeks to bolster iOS's positioning as a competitive gaming platform. Last year, the company poached longtime Nintendo executive Rob Saunders as well as Nick Grange, who came from Activision after stints at Microsoft and EA.

    Article Link: Apple Grabs Another Gaming PR Executive for App Store
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    A focus on iOS game apps may have led Apple to hire executives from game companies. And hiring these execs will reinforce the focus on gaming apps. I hope they remember to encourage, support, and promote productivity and other non-game apps too.
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    I doubt their focus will change much. Apple's interest in gaming has always seemed by consequence rather than by design. It's starting to look like they may by consequence dominate the "console" market within the next few years... without a console?
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    It won't be the "console" market, it'll be the handheld gaming market.
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    They're already dominating the handheld market in terms of gaming software revenue. I'm talking about the future- I do mean the console market, as gaming developers flock to the new Apple TV, etc. I put it in quotes because Apple won't have a conventional console, yet they'll still be eating away at Sony and Nintendo just like they're doing with handhelds today.
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    For the most part, I think the best thing Apple can do to help their game market is to stay out of it.

    When Apple releases a game, it squashes out similar games that may have been of higher quality from other, lesser known developers. Same deal with Game Center - they discouraged people from making better game networks by making a default one that's okay (but could be improved on.)

    Although some things they do can help... IE, GLKit in the iOS 5 SDK simplifies getting 3D graphics to work in a game.
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    Apple may be taking profits from other handheld manufacturers but at the cost of quality or accepting restrictions. iOS devices offer poor game controls. Proper hardware buttons are a must for certain genres.

    BTW, how Apple is dominating the online music distribution market is by consequence as well, I think. From a music lover's perspective they aren't doing it very good: only lossy formats available (while Jobs loved his vinyl collection). iTunes doesn't support FLAC etc. It's their typical game of "Take it or leave it."
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    Ah, all is clear. Apple will promote from within, or Europe.
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    There is one thing that stands out in terms of needing improvement, and that is game controls. Apple needs to release an OFFICIAL game controller for the iPod touch/iPhone, with the the DPAD, ABXY, four trigger buttons and two joysticks. That would be GREAT for games like Call of Duty and racing games by conventional control.
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    They'll do that as soon as they add cursor keys to the Macintosh.

    They have a vision of what belongs in the past and what is the future, and thy've clearly said that those physical buttons and joysticks are their vision of the past and touchscreen is the future.
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    What? Apple is poaching others employees? Oh the hypocritic shame.
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    Absolutely agree....I have very few games, and a lot of productivity Apps. For Gods sake and ours Apple, don't forget us pro users....Oh, wait you did that last week with your very useful TC update didn't you?

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