Apple had the iPod as far back as 1984

Discussion in 'iPod' started by howesey, Apr 21, 2006.

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    I was going through my server today, and found some old Apple adverts.

    I found this one which was dated to 1984, and when watching it, I found this...



    She is wearing what appears to be an "iPod".

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    wow. i doubt it's real, but wow. they didn't have the newton back then, right?

    does anyone else have pictures with this in it?
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    That's from the 1999 Superbowl commercial ;)
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    They actually had a second version that included the iPod i am pretty sure.

    I know that the original did not have one 99% sure it didn't.

    There was a remake however i am pretty sure.
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    I'm saying this is fake. I googled it and got several links. here is one, where there is clearly no iPod: [​IMG]

    and another: [​IMG]

    EDIT: If there was a second version, that is believable. but it wasn't in 1984.
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    Hell even the video he linked to didn't show an iPod on it
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    Airforce is right (except it wasn't 1999, it was 2004). Apple remastered the original 1984 commercial to include the iPod.

    The original ad absolutely did not include the iPod.

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    The updated ad was made in 2004 for the 20th anniversary of the original ad. How is this not still fresh in everyone's mind?
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    Of course they had the iPod in 1984. :rolleyes:

    Where do people get this stuff?
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    In his defense, I can see how he thought this was the original ad. Nearly everyone is aware of this ad, but if you're not aware of the remake then I can see how someone could think this interesting.
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    Exactly! Where was everyone? I remember it so clearly - some people at the time were pissed that Apple took history and made a joke out of it, some people thought it was hilarious.

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    I think the person just didn't know that they did a remake, sorry if you don't, but people make mistakes! :rolleyes: :cool:
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    I had an iPod back in 1984 (even though I was only ~2 years old). It had a spacious 512KB hard drive and only weighed 20 pounds.....those were the days..... ;) :)
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    Stupid, gullible, not internet savvy.
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    I wonder how many songs you could fit on that bad boy.
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    Every last one of the MP3's that I owned at the time. ;)
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    Well spotted. :)
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    Yes it is from 2004.

    How could it be from 1999? There was no iPod until late 2001.
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    Actually, how many people from this forum had the chance to play with the first "portable" Mac, in 1989 ?

    The great-grand-father of the iBook was actually a SE/30 without Fpu and re-designed to be able to fold, so that you could say "hey, it's closed, now it's portable".
    Now, it was really not lightweight, bad screen, and a marketing disaster.

    So, an iPod in 1984... Yeah, pretty much the estimation of dmw007 :p
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    Pistol Pete


    yah definitely a remake haha
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    Hey, I never said that you could fit it in your pocket. ;) :)
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    Now if someone edits it again so that shes got a backpack with a Powerbook in.

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