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Apple have stopped signing iOS 6.

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by WeegieMac, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Didn't notice a thread elsewhere, apologies if this is a duplicate thread.

    iDownloadblog this morning tweeted that the signing window for iOS 6 is now closed. So as of now there is no means of restoring back from iOS 7 to iOS 6 via a simple iTunes restore.

    Just a heads up for those this may affect.
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    Restored just in time then! Now if only there was a way to stop those Software Update notifications for 7.0
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    Yes I agree, that red dot does my head in. I have stuck the settings icon on a page on it's own so I don't have to see it all the time.:cool:
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    Good. The fewer iOS 6 holdovers actively using their devices, the faster developers will update their apps to take advantage of iOS 7. :)
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    Well, quite pointless holding into something that is slipping away into the past IMO. Forward is the only way!!
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    Forwards is worse than going backwards if it kills a given device's battery life. 4s in my case.
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    Ah crap. Was going to move back today because of the battery life.

    Oh well, new phone it is.
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    There is a tweak in cydia that removes software update notifications. ;)
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    Try a restore to fix ios7 battery life. It worked for me.
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    The 1.5 days I ran 7.0 on my 4S, there was nothing wrong with the battery life.
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    Well for some users the upgrade has caused an issue that requires a restore - otherwise the battery seems to last less than half of normal use.
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    Bruins Fan

    Amongst the reasons why I like to sit on the sidelines for a bit before upgrading. I'll let Apple work out some bugs, etc. and not be stuck with 7 while I wait.

    After spending some time here reading all the iOS 7 threads I'm glad I'm staying with iOS 6 for a while. If it ain't broke...
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    Holy crap... Wants to restore to iOS 6.1.3 because of the poor battery life.
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    Back up your iOS 7 install, wipe phone and then restore. This should repair the install and the battery life in ios7
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    Nope... Wiped the phone, restored twice. Battery still very poor...
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    Mmm... Not good! .....u tried DFU mode and then setting up as new?
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    It's been the opposite for me. I had 6.1.3, battery died in 5-6 hours. Got the GM, lasted the entire day (Usage hadn't changed). I ended up reverting back to 6.1.3 just cause of iCal though. Otherwise iOS 7 was smooth sailing
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    Yes, but just because it does it on yours (or some other people for that matter) it surely doesn't mean that it does it for everyone else. Not for me at least.
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    Yes, I did...
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    Well if it was my phone I would be straight down to apple store and looking it swapped out!
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    How long did you use it? My first day on the update (on my iphone 5) had horrible battery, but on the second it was at least as good as on iOS 6, maybe even a little better. I guess the system has to do some background tasks for the beginning, like spotlight indexing or so (that's what happening on my MacBook Pro from time to time)

    I was being sceptic about iOS 7 look, installed it for the new features mainly, but after the first day of use the new UI really amazes me every time I unlock my phone. Especially after I changed the wallpaper to the preinstalled blue water one, turning the homescreen into a light blue, what really matches my taste for now. :) iOS 7 look is really ultimately dependent of the wallpaper you use, some that used to be good for 6 look horrible and some look gorgeous.
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    Got it in time, but now iMessage refuses to work, after working for around 12ish hours on iOS 6 again.:mad:
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    it is iPhone 4S, has been out of warranty for near one year.... Sigh...
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    It's really draining my battery on my 4S too.
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    I wish I would have seen this yesterday. So just to be clear, there's absolutely no way of downgrading my 4S back to 6.1.3? :(

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