Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Oversee Environmental Efforts

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    While talking with AllThingD's Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at D11: All Things Digital, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple has hired former Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson to lead the company's environmental responsibility efforts.
    Although Cook said he forgot what her official title is, he said that she would report directly to him. Cook announced the hire after talking about how Apple has gotten more attention from governments as it has grown larger and while he was talking about how environmentally friendly Apple is.

    As a part of its commitment to being environmentally friendly, Apple revealed in March that it had achieved 100% renewable energy use at its data centers, with its corporate facilities using 75% renewable energy. Cook's full commentary can be found in our coverage, available here.

    Article Link: Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Oversee Environmental Efforts
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    This article has been up for a while and not a single comment. People only care about drama, not this so called "Environment" :rolleyes:
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    that's a good hire!
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    Apple hires Lisa

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    Interesting hire. I guess this should help Apple fortify its image as Environmentally conscious; hopefully not to a fault.
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    szw-mapple fan

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    Big story, Apple fell for the hoax too. Big deal.
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    It's a dog and pony show..
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    And you fell for the hoax that it's a hoax. ;)
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    Hopefully she´ll be more concerned with actively reducing apple´s impact rather than just making apple look like they´re more eco-friendly.
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    Love to hear your thoughts...

    How do you feel Apple could best do this? And how do you think they compare to Microsoft and Dell (a mainly software company, and a mainly hardware one)?
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    At what cost?

    At best, a questionable hire with significant PR risk for Apple:

    -Jackson created false identities (non-government email accounts) while Secretary of the EPA to carry on communications with outside groups. Some presume this was to avoid discoverability and/or compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. She abruptly resigned as Secretary of the EPA just as this investigation was getting started. This was not just using personally identifiable non-government accounts, but creating false identities to conduct official business (one name used was Richard Windsor).

    -She also oversaw the EPA during the contentious raids on Gibson Guitars, where EPA regulations were selectively used to confiscate $5M worth of inventory from Gibson (while other guitar companies using the same wood had no action taken against them). This incident is being reexamined in the light of the current IRS scandals and evidence of political targeting by the IRS (Gibson's CEO is a donor to right-wing causes).

    -Apple is already an industry leader in the area of environmental responsibility in manufacturing. Hiring a lifelong government employee is not likely going to bring a significant skill set beyond what Apple already has in house. It has the feel of a hire made to generate buzz. Hopefully, for Apple, none of the issues above will turn into full blown scandals, but if they do, Apple will find itself cast on one side of the ideological fence (something SJ always wisely avoided).

    -Her compensation package will need to be justified to shareholders.

    -This makes Cook look even more impulsive regarding high-level hires than he already did in light of the Browett decision. Not confidence inspiring.
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    That's what Apple has been doing for many, many years. This whole "looking eco-friendly" thing only start when Greenpeace started judging companies by their press releases and promises instead of their actions, and companies that promised to something eventually some time in the future got much better ratings than Apple who did the same thing years ago without telling anyone.
  15. bedifferent, May 29, 2013
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    I give Apple a lot of credit for demonstrating that a tech company can go green without going "red". Using aluminum, mercury and arsenic free glass, pushing LED LCD panels early on, recycling their products and other tech products, self-sustaining server plants, etc. Plastic is awful, it requires more energy to recycle plastic, negating any positives it may produce which is why so many eco-conscious people refuse to use it. A man in Japan invented a machine that can take any plastic material, any, and break it down into reusable oil, etc. The machine uses less energy than a light bulb. It's amazing. I've posted this once before, and highly recommend watching, if for nothing more than the common love of tech we all have.

    Plastic to Oil Fantastic OW2.0

    I just thought, imagine taking all that plastic and converting it back into oil? Imagine, cleaning up the oceans, while producing a huge source of energy?

    E-waste is a major issue in our modern tech lead lives. With plastic islands the size of Texas and three-five feet down in the north-pacific and Indian oceans, combined with electronic waste dumps spewing chemicals onto the beaches of third world nations, and on and on, It's imperative we take responsibility for the only place we call home.

    An architecture firm is working on a project to build onto the plastic islands. A daunting project, while perhaps a dream is one of the few proposed projects in dealing with our waste.

    Whim Architects Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Build Self-Sustaining Island Homes from Pacific Plastic Garbage

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    Good move Apple. This is good news.

    I hope that Apple becomes a true leader in environmental responsibility among large corporations.
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    So will she use her e-mail address, or create another fake address to use?
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    I never knew about this "scandal". What exactly did she do with those fake profiles? Have to google this, I'm very curious.

    Thank god it's not Gale Norton (her "Spotted Owl Cookbook" was the toast of town). The damage done under her reign during GWB's presidency will take decades to reverse. It was tantamount to placing an Exxon executive in her position.

    You have to wonder about the GOP when Christine Todd Whitman, EPA administrator under President George W. Bush, calls out the Republicans decision to boycott a planned committee vote for Pres. Obama's nominee Gina McCarthy.


    Bush-Era EPA Chief Calls Republicans ‘Sore Losers’

    Gee, couldn't have anything to do with McCarthy's stance against big oil and push for alternative energy such as hydrogen or biofuel? Nah, couldn't be.
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    I hope this means the end of throwaway hardware.
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    She used Gmail accounts with fake names (e.g., "Richard Windsor") to communicate with environmentalist groups about EPA policies and actions. Essentially, it was a way for her to coordinate with them "off the record", since FOIA requests wouldn't cover Gmail accounts.

    Crap like this is why all Federal systems need to be blocked from accessing third-party e-mail systems -- there is no reason EVER why any Federal employee needs to have access to Gmail,,, or any other external e-mail system. Any employee caught using such a system (on their phone or tablet) for anything at all related to work should be terminated on the spot.
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    Agree with you on the last point. However, it could have been worse, she could have been communicating with oil lobbyists and the like. Least she was doing something to help improve the environment. :eek:


    Oh how I wish. :)
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    Coming from her government position is a clue that Apple is snuggling up, and likely ready to give up our info anytime POTUS wants more people to target. However that's nothing new as Apple is well known for their secrecy.
  23. bedifferent, May 29, 2013
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    - Changed due to misreading the playful/sarcastic nature of the comment. Things are getting heated up in here! :p
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    Chupa Chupa

    I never throwaway a good iCake:


    Seriously, every consumer device becomes obsolete. It's stilly to think hardware isn't disposable because we don't live in a time vacuum where nothing ever advances. When something becomes useless to anyone its disposed of. But that doesn't mean it ends up in a landfill. More electronic device parts are recyclable now than at any point in history and more people are recycling devices too, either by choice or law.


    You raise solid points. Ultimately, I think Apple hired her for the same reason it put Al Gore on the board... connections.
  25. cube, May 29, 2013
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    Soldered RAM = throwaway
    No storage expansion = throwaway
    Integrated battery = throwaway
    Glued components = throwaway
    Under-specified = throwaway
    Abandonware = throwaway

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