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Apple Hiring Software Manager and Engineer to Build 'Next Generation Features' for Apple TV

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 15, 2013.

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    As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has posted a job listing seeking a new software engineering manager focused on "next generation features for Apple TV".
    The managerial job listing comes roughly a month after the company posted another listing seeking an Apple TV software engineer interested in "delivering first in class home entertainment solutions".

    While the listings unsurprisingly do not offer any specific information about Apple's plans for the Apple TV platform and are filled with typical human resources phrases designed to appeal to prospective employees, they do suggest that Apple may be increasing staffing to push forward on a television initiative.

    Rumors of an Apple television set and/or a new set-top box with increased functionality have repeatedly surfaced over the years, although the company's efforts have reportedly been slowed by content negotiations. A new report from TechCrunch's MG Siegler indicates, however, that Apple may finally be ready to begin its push later this year with a focus on third-party apps for the Apple TV and future hardware.

    Article Link: Apple Hiring Software Manager and Engineer to Build 'Next Generation Features' for Apple TV
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    This "hobby" of theirs is getting more serious all the time. I'm looking forward to seeing what they will do with it. Hopefully they'll bring some apps to the device.
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    TV with Siri!
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    That would be great, all they need is a camera controller, It would kill things like the Xbox 360 and the Wii
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    They'll call it beta after hobby.

    Who ships beta products?

    Apple does with Siri
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    Apple is also hiring a boss for this boss to work with the Apple TV and Airport.

    This listing has been up since Sept. 2012
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    Sky Blue

    No, TV.
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    Apple TV

    You don't have to be an engineer to see the vision they are missing -hire people who can "think differently". How about the easiest thing that can make billions of just making a "bookmark" function that takes tv ads and sends the viewer either now or later to the website of the ad maker. Is that not what the advertisers want-Us to GO to look at the products? They will pay for every click through. How many times have we watched ads and forgotten about them an hour later? Do this first-make tons of money-send me some- then hire many more people to tweak it. Make a remote control that is easy to use and adds functionality-maybe with Kinect style motions?
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    New developments?

    I want my Apple TV to give me turn-by-turn directions, e.g., "Get off sofa, turn right, walk 10 steps, turn left, open refrigerator door, get next beer, close refrigerator door, turn left, 10 steps, turn right, sit back down on sofa."

    Better yet, the Apple TV should get the beer for me.
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    needs to run apps from the appstore, allow the ipad to be its keyboard and mouse
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    This can already be done.
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    So, they are just now looking for an "engineer manager" for aTV development? I thought we were going to have product introduction anywhere from next month to late fall! Seems like the product would be introduced long after the project manager is hired. :confused:
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    Hire this man
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    But I hear if we wait for the next new model after that one, the :apple:TV will actually make the beer. ;)

    And the model after that will project a 3D hologram of a bikini model to carry it over and serve it to you. ;)

    And with a jailbreak option, that 2nd model gains a bunch of other functionality that might be fun.
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    Yep don't think this job posting means anything is/isn't imminent. If Apple is doing something in this space no doubt they've already got a team working on it.
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    "Siri, put on Channel 2"

    "I have found 37 channels that contain the number 2. Which would you like?"
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    Better late than never Apple
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    I WAS the one

    Please Apple just add a game store and sell optional controllers for people that doesn't want to use their idevices as controllers... just that and make another billion with it!
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    The app store and games are coming.
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    I guess they don't think anyone working there is worthy of a promotion
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    App store to sell games is surely a no brainer.

    Plus, I'm of an age where my wife just rolls her eyes at me if I even joke about getting a console. But part of me would still enjoy a quick blast of some games on the big tv.

    So this would be ideal to get that in through the back door! :D
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    Just add a decent App Store and i'll be happy. An official Plex client on a non-jailbroken AppleTV would be yummy-yummy...
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    Best idea yet! This is innovation!
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    Open up an SDK and App Store and let others build the 'Next generation features.'

    HDHomerun Prime + AppleTV ( at $99) = all done.

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