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Apple Hits a High Note with Express

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 9, 2004.

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    Whoops! you missed.

    This thread's about Airport Express, and any minute, also about how over priced it is and how it doesn't have an optical out port.
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    It DOES have optical audio out

    It DOES have digital optical out.

    That same conventional port ALSO apparently accepts a special mini optical connector I'd never heard of (but is not Apple-specific), and sends a digital signal. That cable is part of the optional Monster connection kit, for instance.

    From the specs (and elsewhere on the site too):

    "3.5mm mini-Audio jack for analog or optical digital sound"

    Now, what it DOES need is a modem. Most places I go don't have ethernet jacks! But I have nationwide dialup for travel already. Then it would be a must-have for PowerBook owners, who already have Airport cards standard.
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    I think he was joking when he said that it didn't have an optical port... a joke on the last thread!

    For your needs I think the next series of the Airport base stations will probably have the Airport Express functionalities plus the usual stuff including a modem and maybe some more (video streaming?). At this moment the Airport base station seems a little odd compared to the express, it's missing stuff and it will no doubt be upgraded in the near future.
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    Yes it does need a modem, or a hack to allow it to use the USB port for an external modem. I don't usually go to hotels with ethernet, so I really need a modem, but wireless is NICE.
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    Yes, I was joking, and referring to that other thread with 3 pages of Optical discussion which pretty much went like this:

    "It should have optical"
    "It does have optical"
    "I know, but what it really needs is optical"
    "It does have optical"

    I actually read the tech specs.
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    People really wrote those things? The first thing I noticed was that it had an optical port and then, I was trying to figure out why a music device would have a USB port for printing. :D I decided to read most carefully about it from that point.

    I'm surprised that Salkever was quite positive. While many others have been positive about Apple as far as creativity and innovation, he hadn't been. It sounds as though it's another win for Apple. :)
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    Yeah, that whole thread was a mess. People kept misunderstanding what each other would say. And even if someone said something wrong, people would immediately reply to correct, even though the next 7 posts were corrections, so you wound up with all these overlapping threads of corrections to previous posts. It was quite a site.

    Plus it was about the release of iTunes 4.6 and had little to directly do with AirPort Express.

    ...and I never got my question answered: what else is new in 4.6 besides Ae support?

    (is my terminology correct here? Are we using "Ae" for Airport Express and "AE" for Airport Extreme? Or is it AEBS for Airport Extreme Base Station? and "AE" for Airport Express"?)
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    Yeah, I started to read that thread last night, but it was giving me a headache. So many questions easily answered by just going to Apple's site, and so many people giving the wrong information. :rolleyes: I laughed when someone said RTFM, and laughed again when someone replied to that, telling him to not be so mean.

    "Well, I haven't read anything that's been posted so far, but does it support other routers?" :mad: (BTW: that was sarcasm. Don't answer it. I already know the answer, and if you have to ask, just go to Apple's site).

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